APRIL GIVEAWAY! 3 Questions with Debbie of Peppa Deb’s Original Caribbean Hot Sauce

Earlier this week I shared my review of a new product “Peppa Deb’s Original Caribbean Hot Sauce”. To learn more about its creator and how to enter to win a 3-bottle sampler of your very own, read on! “As a child growing up in San Fernando, I watched my father make his homemade pepper sauce from scratch using ingredients from the local market ....more

APRIL GIVEAWAY/PRODUCT REVIEW: Peppa Deb’s Original Caribbean Pepper Sauce

Last week I received an amazing 3-bottle sampler of Peppa Deb’s Original Caribbean Pepper Sauce. Available in hot, medium and spicy it was way too good not to share with y’all!...more

Spiritual/Shouter Baptist Day Menu

Photo: Sookdeo Baney March 30 is Spiritual Baptist/Shouter Liberation Day in Trinidad & Tobago. From Wikipedia: Spiritual/Shouter Baptist Liberation Day is an annual public holiday celebrated in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, on March 30. The holiday commemorates the repeal on March 30, 1951 of the 1917 Shouter Prohibition Ordinance that prohibited the activities of the Shouter or Spiritual Baptist faith ....more

Banana Daiquri (recipe) – Caribbean Beachcomber July/August 1969

As I type this it’s 3pm, on a Tuesday. Yes, a Tuesday. Sometimes that’s just how life goes and it’s been -that- kind of week already ....more

LIVE VIEWING POST: Watch Trinidad’s Brandon Soverall on Food Network’s “Cutthroat Kitchen”!

Trinidad’s Brandon Soverall competes on Food Network’s “Cutthroat Kitchen” tonight at 10pm EST. Currently the sous chef at “Triniti” in Houston, TX, USA, he first gained prominence among local foodies via cooking events at Port of Spain’s Fanatic Kitchen Studio. About Cutthroat Kitchen: From Wikipedia – Cutthroat Kitchen is a reality cooking television show hosted by Alton Brown that premiered on August 11, 2013 on Food Network ....more

Purim Menu (video)

Purim Menu 2011 • East Indian Chickpea Salad • Hummus • Pasta Puttanesca • Broccoli Gratin • Haman’s Ears/Orejas de Haman • Sarina’s Rum and Raisin Hamantsachen It always tickles me how close Purim and Carnival fall most years. I especially enjoy Purim because it’s the only time of year to make, and eat, various sugary goodies! One of my favourites is my Rum and Raisin Hamantaschen ....more

REVIEW: Blind Wine Tasting at Lotus Wares

Saturday, February 8, 2014 was the date for an unforgettable ‘blind’ wine-tasting at Lotus Wares, hosted by Lisa Johnstone. If you have been reading this blog for a while you may remember my writeup last year of my previous visit to one of Lisa’s tastings. This event differed from that previous one in that it was a ‘blind tasting’ ....more

Introducing Sweet Sereni-Tea Pastries & More

Saturday February 1st, 2014 saw the launch of Sweet Sereni-Tea Pastries & More. Founded by Chef Jivita Douen (Le Cordon Bleu, England), Sweet Sereni-Tea also harnesses the expertise of Chefs Michelle Fournillier (Les Roches International School of Hotel Management, Switzerland) and Dale Hamilton (TTHTI, Trinidad). (L to R: Chefs Michelle Fournillier, Jivita Douen & Dale Hamilton) An extremely intimate meeting space for students and event attendees (the site seats 6 comfortably), Sweet Sereni-Tea combines the trappings of a professional kitchen with a relaxed, accessible, homey atmosphere ....more

TriniGourmet’s “Holiday Glam: 30+ Festive Recipes” is here! Only $6.95 USD!

As the year draws to an end I’m thrilled to announce that my new ebook “Holiday Glam: 30+ Festive Caribbean Recipes” is now officially ready for purchase and download! It’s been over a year in the making and I hope that you are as happy with the results as I am. A compilation of popular local and regional fare, as well as some originals, the majority of the 30+ recipes in “Holiday Glam” have never appeared on TriniGourmet.com and those that have have been extensively updated and revised from the versions that appear on the site ....more

Trinidad Carnival Tour Package 2014 (spots available!)

Hi everyone! I’m happy to announce that my good friend Petra Laptiste of Carifrique.com still has a few spots available for Trinidad Carnival 2014. If you’re interested in coming to what some have hailed as “The Greatest Show on Earth” do view the itinerary above and drop her a line! ...more