my endorsement.

More women in Congress. An Asian. An openly gay official. My endorsement. READ MORE. *JIGS*  ...more


S T R I C T L Y   V E R B O T E N . Read full post HERE. ...more

Rihanna & Chris are dessert'ing again, naturally.

 READ some thoughts on this naughty reunion. Laugh a little. Only a little.  ...more

Joyce Carol Vincent, 3 years elapsed before anyone noticed she died.

The above woman died in London in her own apartment and no one gave a d@mn. READ MORE:

Thom Browne.

Click for Video of Thom Browne Spring 2012 Fashion Show: Read More:

Girls Are So Dramtical.

Yes that isn't a word, but There's something quite magical betwixrt female besties. For serious.   And interlaced with the love and affection, there's such the drama. Guys don't indulge our need to communicate sentiment, so instead we fuel melodramatic thought bubbles.  ...more

The Disadvantages of an Elite Education

The youths got beat up today. Gawker called us narcissistic. The American Scholar called us out of touch.  I say blimey! And other reactions. Read "Vox Populi's Vanity" at ...more

Men & Feminism

Francis is in Paris. He digs Ryan Gosling. He wants to be that for women.  Read More at TheyCallMeHer.com

Ryan Gosling

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Why won't they let Kanye be Great???Friendly perspecive on the Spring 2012 debut of Dw, Kanye West's womenswear colleciton during Paris Fashion Week. ...more