Crafty hiatus

We haven’t been doing much crafty business here in the Turtle house recently. Honestly, he eats the play dough, he eats the paint, he eats the crayons. Everything. Now, I was being all calm about it, going “Aww, we don’t eat crayons” and “if you do it again there’ll be no more x”. But it gets wearing after a time. Especially when he looks at you, with pure devilment in his eyes and takes a huge bite.  Then there are tears. And so it goes, every time. It used to be cute. Now it’s a bit annoying....more


Mornings around here have been a little fraught, fractious and flippin’ nightmarish of late. And I couldn’t figure it out. The Turtle is usually such an easygoing little fella. But the Hubby has been working long hours and try as I might I cannot get everything done on my own. Previously I had sh@g all to do in the mornings. Well, there were things to be done, but nothing obvious. And when things don’t obviously need doing, I leave them until nap time. But now there are dishes and laundry and sweeping and all manner of things....more

Cultivating imagination

Do you think you can? Cultivate imagination, I mean. Is it inherent? Developed? Nurtured? Cultivated? And is it essential? Am I the only one who finds a child without an imagination a terribly, terribly sad spectacle? Surely not. As Beckett said, "Imagination Dead Imagine". Imagination is the way we process the world. Good and bad. Staying up late, watching Criminal Minds while the husband is at work, is a surefire way to send my imagination into overdrive....more

Toddler Busy Book

I broke it out again a couple of weeks ago. It's great when your brain is too fried to think. Although you spend most of your time thumping yourself in the forehead going "why didn't I think of that!?" And it was good to have a reminder that toddlers learn from repetition, so doing things over and over isn't boring for them, but it does beg the question as to what my fella is learning from eating play dough, repeatedly. Still, it takes the pressure off. I mean, you don't have to come up with a new activity every day. You can do the same ones over and over and over....more


Does yours? Mine doesn't. And I'm not entirely sure I want him to. Or even that he needs to. Is this really a life skill that everyone needs? Or that everyone needs when they are 2? Will he really be relying on me to read him stories and sing him songs when he's in university if I don't stop the madness tout suite? Will he heck as like. Somewhere in the next couple of years he's going to kick me out and assert his independence. Say something like "I'm not a baby Mammy". And he'll read his own books and go to sleep by himself. What's the rush?...more

A Dragon and a Spider

We’ve been taking advantage of the prevailing good humour by crafting.Or plotting it, which takes at least twice as long as the actual event. A two year old’s attention span combined with bad planning can sometimes lead to a non event. I always forget something. Always....more

Life skills

Tell us about an important life skill you’ve learnt, and a situation in which you’ve used it....more


Go on, be honest, how much time a day do you spend at it? Me? I would say less than an hour, especially if you don't include cooking. I just can't be bothered. See, if everything is shiny and sparkly I get upset if someone messes it. And with a small boy and a sand table full of green sand (GREEN sand! What was I thinking? Plain old sand isn't half as visible to the naked eye, but GREEN! Man, I'm a fool!), things are bound to get messy. So I save myself the heartache and tend to the necessities. We all have clean clothes, the beds are made, the dishes washed, and the floors swept....more

Toddler Art

Inspired by Redtedart (generally) and this post in particular, I decided to make some "Toddler art" to decorate what has to be the dreariest bathroom in the world. Plus I had a plethora of paintings to use up display. So I bought some cheap frames ($3 each!...more

Crafting with a toddler

Come up with a brilliant plan - in this case, painting pine cones.Make all of the preparations, and if you include collecting the pine cones that's TWO days of prep!...more