A Lesson in Social Media From Teens

Once upon a time, a friend of one of my kids friended me on Facebook. She immediately told my child that I didn’t know how to use Facebook because I posted too much. My child gave it an eyeroll ....more

Sublimely Sixteen

Elizabeth is sixteen now. It is easy to get lost in thought while trying to come up with something coherent to say about her. I’ve pondered talking about her birth story ....more

Nudity? What my kids think drives traffic

So, in light of my desire to increase traffic to prove I can do it–I surveyed the kids, actually just the 18 yo and 16 yo, about how to increase traffic. These are their ideas: Nude Celebrities (maybe photoshopped with food?) Nude Food Bloggers Female nudity should just be “boobies” because “no one” wants to […] Related Posts: A List Because I Hear They Drive Traffic A Start (Yet Another BlogHer13 Post) Numbers Game Thankful for Options… On My Way to BlogHer14 in San Jose–with YOU?! (and a… ...more

Ma Ingalls Had the Right Idea

There is a lot in the world I can’t fix right now. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I fall to my mother’s fall back when life overwhelms: I clean. It is a good time to clean anyway ....more

Numbers Game

Today Google reminded me I have analytics. I have pretty much ignored these since the beginning of my blog. I sometimes peek if someone asks ....more


This is the post I started yesterday, then completely scrapped just now. Starting over. Same topic ....more

Robin Williams and Me?

The news just broke about the reported suicide of Robin Williams. A suck of my breath as I heard it invade my mother’s watching of the evening news. A dragging of my computer back out ....more

Six days. Sigh

I made six posts in a row. Then missed yesterday. I thought about it, but kept putting it off until “later.” Then I forgot altogether until my computer went to bed for the night ....more

A Good Dental Appointment

Many of you have been a party to my long dental saga. After over a decade of cruddy teeth, I was able and yes, I had to…find the time, energy, money, and health to get through *nearly* all of a large stack of dental work. (I have Crohn’s disease–leading to a lot of vomiting, reflux, […] Related Posts: Daring Greatly…maybe not my thing? ...more

I don’t want to fix dinner

I woke up and failed to fall back asleep at 5 am. I ended up getting up and working. This meant I had a good three hours down before my usual start time of 8 am ....more