Two Snowflakes Re-Design

Just thought I'd post and let y'all know that I just finished re-designing the site for my book "Two Snowflakes"... please visit and let me know what you think! ...more

Hello from TwinHappyJen!

Hello! My name is Jennifer and I have a site/blog all about my adventures as a Twin Mom at :-) I've also written a children's book for twins, which you can actually read for free at (it's also now available for sale on Amazon!) Just wanted to say hi and I look forward to exploring the BlogHer community! ...more

I Heart Dads...

A few months ago, my Dad had a heart attack... it was described as a very mild heart attack, and he ended up with no damage to his heart... of course, while he was in there for that, they found a tumor on his kidney. He then had surgery to remove the tumor (which the doctors said was almost surely cancerous). The surgery went well and, after testing the tumor, it actually turned out to be non-cancerous, anyway! He was very scared when he went into this surgery that he wasn't going to make it through, but he has since made a full recovery! ...more