Banana "Ice Cream" with Sweet and Salty Roasted Almonds Two Ways

Yes!  You can make healthy ice cream with frozen bananas and a food processor, or a Yonanas machine. Great news if you are cutting back on sugar, dairy, or eggs or just want a healthy treat.  ...more

Sugar Cookie Fruit Tarts


Old Fashioned Rice Pudding

My dear friend Jean gets asked for her rice pudding recipe alot.  It is a comfort food from way back.  I will have to ask her the history of how she starting making rice pudding and the origin of this recipe.  Story coming soon...until then, enjoy! ...more

Quinoa Mediterranean Salad


Recipe for Pasta Dough

Pasta love!  I love making pasta for my family and my family loves to eat it.  Here is a basic dough recipe, which is how I started making my home-made pasta many years ago. Pasta Dough 4-5 eggs 1 pound of all purpose flour ...more

Yogurt and Cereal

In my bowl this morning...Yogurt ...more

Happy Rolls :)

Happy Rolls :) ...more