sacred love

Once you get to a certain point in your life, the love you desire changes....more

The Daughter held a hinged scallop shell in her hand. “Often I feel that my heart is closed, ...more

texting isn't dating

Dating in the digital age is not for the faint of heart, is it? There are so many more options today than ever before in the history of this crazy little blue marble rolling around in space. ...more

dating my dad

You know how it is. I took a much needed hiatus after my last relationship.  The one I thought was "the one."  I was excited for my best friend from So Cal. to meet him.  She and her husband were coming for the weekend  and we were meeting the b.f....more

building the perfect man

So as I'm thinking about all that I have come up with, I realized that I have been dating my dad to heal the relationship with him....more

step away from the phone

thanks for reading Two Girls!more

how do you know when it's time to go

Have you ever had a big break-up and upon reflection knew "the signs were there all along"? That's the truth. The signs were always there, and I just didn't want to see them -- or more accurately, feel them....more

haven't you loved a lot?

You may be in love right now. Maybe not. But when you think about it, over the years, throughout your life, haven't you loved a lot? And haven't you been loved in return? It gives me the warm fuzzies to think back on my first crush, a certain sweetheart, or even a recent flirt. All added up, you and me, we, have loved. A lot! Some believe that love never fades. You may not be feeling it this red-hot minute, but once created, love never dies....more

how you do anything is how you do everything

One thing = everything? Really? When K first suggested a month or so ago that any one thing is like a hologram of how your whole life operates, it seemed like an over-simplification. Could it really be that obvious? ...more