The world is changing. Is it my idea? Is it only me or do you also feel fantastic? Greek blue skies and warm temperatures aside, each day comes with more love, magic and good news... The news , no doubt , is worst ever, countries at the brink of despair and people shocked and destroyed. Insecurity rocks the human soul, hard. If you take a closer look, have you realized how much is being done at the same time? Have we started helping each other daily? Does it feel good when we do?...more


You can use it as an aphrodisiac, as a disinfectant, to strengthen your immune system, lower your high blood-pressure, cure earaches, increase endurance or even…keep vampires and unwanted suitors at bay!! You may hate its taste and smell or be in love with it, but whatever your feelings, you cannot ignore it! What is this incredible healer that Mother Nature has given us in abundance? Garlic, of course! The ancient Greeks called it the ‘stinking rose’. Ancient Egyptians worshipped it, Olympic athletes ate it for strength and in medieval times it was used to ward off illnesses....more
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Girl selling Matchstick (salad). I am humbled. My identity crisis has reached the depths of the North Pole abyss and I swim in those unknown, frozen waters. I cannot see anything ahead of me : my judgmemt is poor, my vision blurred and my limbs paralyzed. I must be aboard -nothing else- but ...F.e.a.r M/V. The universal , number one , human-paralyzing feeling. Fear? Yes! Terror most likely. Why? I have an invitation to cook at a restaurant. Mamaaaaaa!...more


The most magical pumpkin (soup). This is why I never stopped believing in miracles. Because miracles happen. In two minutes. Daily. Pumpkins turn into carriages if you are Cinderella and you need to go to the dance urgently. You meet the prince....more


Daring ingredients and secret weapons! That's what I would answer to anyone who asked me what is the secret to best ever salads. Okay, you know by now how much I hate winter or to put it nicely how much I prefer summer to winter , its food included. But because winter is a -yet- unavoidable greek season and we got to do the best we can with it, I tried and managed to do the best I could with winter ingredients. Especially, salad ingredients....more


THANK YOU CLICKS! Thank you mom Thank you dad Thank you grandma Thank you grandfather Thank you husband Thank you kids Thank you yoga Thank you miss Thank you sunshine Thank you moon Thank you girlfriends and halfmoon Thank you angels, demons and monsters Gods, fairies and myths. Thank you past and thank you present....more

Winter fruit salad and an identity crisis

Maraschino cherry identity crisis This blog has been going on for a month now and I am experiencing an identity crisis. Who am I? Who is this blog? Why do I write in English although I am Greek? I am not a professional cook , although I have cooked peofessionally and someone even trusted his summer holidays and took me in to cook for him and his friends. Why do I propose recipes although I am not a gastro journalist or a food expert. Why am I doing this at all, I didn't study to become a wine expert or a pastry chef....more

Naked Sundays

Naked Sunday mornings When I met you you were younger. I was prettier. You were athletic. I was inspired. You were all dreams, I was all fears. On Sundays we slept in. We loved each other. We read the papers and the horoscopes. We laughed and quarelled and we never had breakfast, we went straight from coffee to lunch. At 7pm. Famished but full. Sundays of the past were the days we hoped for miracles and saw some happening! Because Sundays were naked. They wore nothing on them. No covers. No make up....more

Family table : the daily battleground!

It is the queen of all family traditions. The middle class occasional show off. Television cooks' dream destination and multinational food companies' marketing target. The battleground of ferocious teenagers and parents alike. The sobbing mother's tears collector. One of the tables where cease of fire is signed. Treaties and threats and curses and ultimatums are negotiated on it or around it. It is an infinite drawing canvas for babies and toddlers. Unknown and untried waters of hormonally challenged young and a theatre of everyday marriage life. Ladies and gentlemen, center stage ....more

Happy birthday my little blog! 5.000 e-candles on a blog cake!

Light the electronic candles!  Google-spray some perfume and an eBay dress!  Or eshop jeans and fur flip flops. Copy paste your best suit or your ... birthday suit!  Send digital flowers.  Invite electronic friends. Like your comment. Smile :)!  I am celebrating a month's blogs! And having a very personal and very public fiesta! An electronic party for my first 5.000 blog hits!  I decided to spend this first e-birthday at a real greek grocery store near the - not at all virtual - wonderful greek sea and photograph tomorow's blog....more