We're Doing Parenting All Wrong!

At dinner last night, one of my best friends was describing the kind of small parenting nightmare we all run into roughly three hundred forty seven times per day.  Her son had acted out, she’d disciplined him, and now a week later she is questioning what she did.  “I put him in time out – and I just read that you’re not supposed to do ‘time outs’ anymore, so I felt really bad,” she said mid-story....more

We Don't Love Kindergarten...and That's OK

My older son started kindergarten this year, and we were expecting him to love it once he got past initial worries.  He was anxious to begin with – he was worried he wouldn’t know anyone, worried he would be late to school , worried his teacher might not be as nice as his preschool teacher had been.  Once school started and he realized he did know kids in his class, that it’s ok to be late once in a while, and that his teacher is just as nice as the preschool teacher, I figured it would be smooth sailing....more

Raising Boys: The Loudest Mess

I always wanted girls.  It’s something I’ve written about before, thought about constantly before we had our fist boy, and have just assumed would be a reality from the time I knew I wanted children.  When I had one son, and then two, people began asking me if I would keep trying for a girl.  Complete strangers, even.  It seems that mothers are supposed to want girls because, well, it’s the mother-daughter ideal we all carry around with us....more
I am a mom of three loud, dirty, monster truck racing, fort building, lego loosing boys.  And I, ...more

Grandma and the Christmas Skeletons

It’s Thursday afternoon, and I’m helping my mom package some dolls she’s sold on eBay while the boys try to coax their aunt’s pet snake out of the woodchips carpeting the bottom of his terrarium.  I see a large skeleton still hanging on my parents’ kitchen curtain rod (I come by mytaking-holiday-decorations-down procrastination honestly), and I tell the kids to go check it out because they have a weird love affair with skeletons....more


Blessings at dinner are something I have struggled to redefine for my own family after I left my parents’ house....more

Defining Special

The label special needs really makes me cringe.  Special needs children have cognitive disabilities, physical disabilities, things that change the way their worlds work and the way everyone around them reacts.  Special needs children have lifelong problems accompanied by sadness and stress for the people who love them....more

Selfies and the Selfish: Narcissism and Facebook

When I wrote a post earlier in the month about gratitude and Facebook “Thankful” updates, someone suggested I tackle the growing trend of narcissism that is all too evident in those same Thankful posts.  It is such a complicated trend.  I’m sure I’ll be posting more about it, but Facebook has been abuzz with Narcissism lately, and so I’ll start there....more

Chewing Coffee Grounds

My Facebook status update today read:  I’m just going to start chewing coffee grounds....more


I cried over the loss of N’s only child status for months after Little K was born.  I worried I had ruined his little life – that two and a half years was not enough time to be the center of my world, and that he would feel completely displaced forever.  My intention was always to have a second because I grew up with a sister and think every child needs a sibling.  But the reality of that second child was a little different from what I envisioned....more

Quiet: Gratitude at a Different Volume

I am grateful, every day, for my Little K and the things he has taught me about littler children in general.  Not all toddlers run around giggling all day, for example.  Some are born serious, thoughtful, and quiet.  Some prefer wandering around with a map and an inquisitive smile to shouting exuberantly at every new site....more