Sunday Social {1.13.13}

Sunday Social is a question series hosted by Neely at A Complete Waste of Makeup and Ashley at Ashley’s Carnival Ride.  Here are this weeks questions.1. What is the name of your blog? How long have you been blogging?Two Martini Lunch.  I started blogging in February 2012, so I am coming up on my one year anniversary.2. Why do you blog?...more

Learning to Relax

For someone who has a love affair with their bed, you would think relaxing would be an easy thing.  Let me tell you, it is not an easy task at all.  The last few weeks had me selling my house and all of its worldly goods, closing a business, celebrating Christmas and moving. Now that all that is behind me, I finally can take some time to relax and breathe a bit.  The problem is my mind hasn’t quite received the message yet. Who knew learning to relax would be so … intense....more

Sunday Social {1.6.13}

Originally posted on January 6, 2013 at Two Martini Lunch....more

Making Peace

Originally posted on January 3, 2013 at Two Martini Lunch....more

Friday's Letters {1.4.13}

Originally posted on January 4, 2013 at Two Martini Lunch.Dear 2013, I thank you in advance for being exceptionally amazing to my friends and family....more

Before I die ...

I had this awesome (if I do say so myself) post for this morning.  It’s title is “Before I Die, I Want To …”  But then yesterday happened.  Yesterday, I learned about Isaac and Vanessa.  Two kids fighting cancer.  Kids and cancer do not belong in the same sentence.  Many of us have been touched by cancer but it takes on a whole new meaning when kids are involved.  That isn’t the way things are supposed to happen....more

December Daily Photo Challenge

 It is that time again. Time to commit to another daily photo challenge.  This one is all about how you celebrate the holidays whether it is Christmas, Chanukah, nothing at all or something in between.  Consider it your monthly holiday journal.  I am trying to get away with the it’s this day, take this picture kind of theme because I know I am not always the greatest with that....more

June Daily Photo Challenge

Two Martini Lunch...more

Rules From My Teens

Brennan & Carter have defined a set of rules I am supposed to abide by as a parent. The rules are subject to change without notice, as hormone levels change and mood swings occur. I am so not prepared.These are the rules outlined this week:1. When dropping the boys off at school, I may not speak or look at them once the door is open. This means I often find myself saying iloveyouhaveagreatdayseeyouaftershool in a rush as I slowly keep the car moving so they can't open the door until I have finished my daily mantra....more

Lost Tooth

Carter (13) lost a tooth today. While yes he is old (he didn't start losing his teeth until he was in 2nd grade), the funny part of this story is that he lost it while chewing gum.  And as he was fishing it out of the gum, it flung from his hands and is now somewhere in black hole known as my car.As he frantically searched the vehicle for the tooth, his only concern was how much money he was going to get from the Tooth Fairy. There was no concern that there was a tooth (from his mouth) somewhere in my car - eeewwww....more