Achieving Long-Term Blogger Happiness: The #BlogHerFood15 Saturday Morning Keynote

#BlogHerFood15 is just over two months away, so the announcements are going to be coming fast and furious. We are planning for a best-of-the-best #BlogHerFood this year, and the Saturday morning keynote will be a big part of that....more

We Talk About Easy Things, We Talk About Hard Things

“Do you like camp this summer?” “Yes!” “Has anyone said anything to you about having two moms? A lot of the kids didn’t know you before.” “No. No one said anything.” “If someone said something, would that feel weird?” “Well, if they were like mean about it and teasing me, that would be super bad and I would tell a grown up right away.” “That’s a good idea ....more

I’ve Blogged Every Day For Three Years And Now I’m Done (Sort of not really)

Three years. So many posts. So many nights of panic just before midnight ....more

In The Picture, In The Car

I’m not always in the picture, but when I am, it’s in the car. Because seatbelts keep small people safe and also keep them in one general area for photo opportunities. She told me she doesn’t like my haircut then laughed and laughed ....more

Boston Is The Standard Measure

“Mommy! Quick! See how tall I am!” Because in Boston, we measure children by the Boston sign at Fenway Park ....more

Like Magic

And the word became flesh and what is the word and what is the flesh and no one really knows what that means and no one really knows what anything means, really. But this flesh is bread and bread is life and bread is magic so it all makes sense and doesn’t really at all and what’s happening, what are we even doing, what does anything really mean? Everything ....more

Playing Tourist Is My Favorite

From the MFA, Boston. I only got in trouble once for standing too close to a painting and it set off some alarm for people who stand too close because I wanted all of it and I can’t see it and be it unless I’m in it. The security guard didn’t agree ....more

Fairy House In The City

She can’t stop, won’t stop with this fairy house. Good choice, Roozle. City fairies love city fairy houses....more

Listen to the #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us Audio Now Available

The #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us audio files are here and ready for you! The files are organized in conference order and are also available in the official #BlogHer15 agenda for your listening pleasure....more

She Threw Her Tooth Out The Window Because Of Course She Did

She lost another tooth today. This time at camp, so I got out of the hours of twisting and blood and whining about it. Sorry, YMCA ....more