She doesn’t believe in Santa. We still do Santa things.

“I know Santa isn’t real.” “Okay, but we still have to leave him cookies. He will be hungry after delivering all those presents.” She smiles. She writes him a note ....more

When the question is, “Can I sleep in here for a little while?” my answer is always yes.

During my pregnancy, I felt her kicks and pushes against me. I watched my skin stretch as she reached out, growing, moving, hiccuping. Now when she gets the hiccups, she asks me to scare her ....more

Important Projects Are Super Important

We ate at our kitchen island tonight. Our table is currently occupied by a very serious LEGO situation that needs the space. I totally get that, Roozle ....more

Welcome Winter

Today snowed the kind of snow that doesn’t stick anywhere but keeps falling anyway. The kind that doesn’t mean to accumulate, it just means to fall. It’s the kind of snow that reminds you how beautiful winter in Boston can be and to check your trunk for a scraper ....more

The Grass Is Always Greener When You Have Stairs

“Mommy, can we live in a house so we can have stairs? I have always wanted stairs.” “Probably not, Riley.” “Yeah. That’s because we live in an apartment.” As a kid, I dreamed of one day living in a city apartment ....more

#GoodnightRoozle: A Year of Drawing Herself to Sleep

A year ago, she wouldn’t go to sleep. She got out of bed to ask us questions. She called for us ....more

These Shadows

These shadows lead us side by side, we grow taller following ourselves These Shadows is a post from: Life with Roozle ...more

Whatever. Who cares.

From the outside, we look like two enthusiastic people out at a cafe. From the inside, we look like that too. Because we’re really good at enthusiasm ....more

This Is Our Advent

It’s our first Advent and we don’t really know what we’re doing. I asked Twitter and they told me to just buy a LEGO Advent calendar. When I went to do that, I saw Playmobil ....more

Math Is Everywhere

The following post reflects a collaboration with the National Education Association’s Raise Your Hand for Student Success campaign. In kindergarten, math isn’t all equations and worksheets. Math is categorizing groups of friends based on how many letters are in their names ....more