Everything’s Like NBD At The Ocean

She won’t take her new pajamas off. Perfect beach outfit, so NBD. Everything’s like NBD at the ocean ....more

Ballerina Roozle Goes To The Nutcracker

Ballerina Barbie and Ballerina Roozle are ready for The Nutcracker. “I just met a REAL LIVE BALLERINA.” “I know. I was there.” Nutcracker dreams are the best dreams ....more


“They said she needed a leotard and fabric for this activity, but I didn’t have any. So I made some.”...more

What Roozle Is Reading This Week

Library day is the best day. Roozle likes to clear the display shelves and always makes great choices. Today, I wasn’t busy working (with the free library wifi) so I had a chance to look around a bit and found the culture and religion section ....more

Roozle And Her Tiny Dog

“What should I blog about?” “Zoe! And how cute she is!” “Good idea. She’s super cute.” “Yeah, but your blog is about Roozle ....more

An Open Letter To This Latte

Dear This Latte,...more

24 Hours After Wisdom Teeth Removal

I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed yesterday. I’ve put it off for years, but finally gave in after a dentist convinced me it would be fine at my cleaning last week. He also complimented my high tops ....more

I don’t know why we have a TV

She only wants to watch Netflix on her phone (my old iPhone). She says it’s because she likes to multitask. Yes, Roozle, we know ....more

Goodnight Roozle

First grade is like some kind of switch. Into who she is. Into who she will be ....more