I Can’t Give Her Everything She Wants, But I Can Teach Her To Be Okay With That

Do kids like it when parents say no to them? No....more

Her Style Is All Her Own, Her Style is #RoozleApproved

This kid knows her style. From the first time I put her in baby overalls and she cried and pouted all day, she’s had a lot to communicate about style. This is a kid with fashion opinions ....more

38 Things For My 38th Birthday

It’s my birthday Every year for my birthday, I write some big list with the number of years old I am that year. It was an excellent way to have something to write on my birthday when I was blogging every day But I don’t blog every day anymore Because life got complicated as life tends to do And having it all on the internet felt like a bad choice Pro tip side note, don’t put it all on the internet, that’s always a bad choice So this year I didn’t write very much And I miss it. A lot ....more

Double Jeopardy Applies Even When You’re 7

Me: Remember, you can say anything to your doctor. You won’t get in trouble. This is like a free pass for saying stuff ....more

Yes, I Drink Alcohol and Yes, I Sometimes Drink In Front Of My Kid

“Do you think parents should drink in front of their kids?” “No. No way. Definitely not.” “Really? ...more

Talking To My Cis Kid About The Trans Bathroom Issue

We talk about bathrooms a lot. We celebrate when we find a family bathroom. We cringe at the binary ....more

She Doesn’t Call Me Mommy Anymore: On Nonbinary Trans Parenting and Mother’s Day

It wasn’t supposed to be like this—me, drinking coffee, her sitting too close all elbows and knees and bones and limbs. She had plans. Her plans included me taking her to a toy store, but that was mostly becuase she didn’t understand the holiday and when you’re 7, all holidays and special days and every day should end up at a toy store ....more

More About Why Than What

“Can you tell me a story about when you were a kid? A good one. With a lot of detail.” She’s been asking about who I was as a kid a lot lately ....more


“I have a new best friend!” “You do?” “Yes!” “Who is it?” “MY NEW BEST FRIEND IS SNOW.” “Good one.” ...more

Shared Custody Is Awful, Shared Custody Is Fine

I try not to think a whole lot about living with shared custody. Because when I do, I break open. How can a person not be with their kid for 50% of the time? ...more