“I have a new best friend!” “You do?” “Yes!” “Who is it?” “MY NEW BEST FRIEND IS SNOW.” “Good one.” ...more

Shared Custody Is Awful, Shared Custody Is Fine

I try not to think a whole lot about living with shared custody. Because when I do, I break open. How can a person not be with their kid for 50% of the time? ...more

Do What Works Until It Doesn’t, Then Do Something Else

Age six seems to be the age when it all falls apart. We’ve been here before, in glimpses. When she first learned how to stand up in her crib and the bedtime routine had to change ....more

She’s The Life Of The Party

It’s Party Season these days. Well, for Roozle, it’s always Party Season because she has all the friends with all the birthdays in all the seasons, but it’s Holiday Party season this time. Bedtime is pushed back for Advent activities and having friends over and watching Elf ....more

It’s Not Perfect

It’s not perfect, but it’s mine. My practice. My getting better ....more

Tree Pose, Like Literally

Christmas Tree day is the best day ....more

Everything’s Like NBD At The Ocean

She won’t take her new pajamas off. Perfect beach outfit, so NBD. Everything’s like NBD at the ocean ....more

Ballerina Roozle Goes To The Nutcracker

Ballerina Barbie and Ballerina Roozle are ready for The Nutcracker. “I just met a REAL LIVE BALLERINA.” “I know. I was there.” Nutcracker dreams are the best dreams ....more


“They said she needed a leotard and fabric for this activity, but I didn’t have any. So I made some.”...more