Backyard Saturday

I'm new to this blogging for public consumption thing so forgive me if I'm not witty or "quippy" enough for you. I'm learning as quickly as I can just how to do this thing right.That aside, Saturday was a handfull. More than a handfull. My advice? Never leave your children, especially boys, to their own devices without checking on them every five minutes. Perhaps install a "big brother" monitoring system for those moments you step away to say, use the bathroom, or get a drink of water.Saturday:...more

But I have a college degree - a cautionary tale

Many years ago, I graduated high school and went (happily) away to college. I loved it. The freedom, the new friends, living on my own, making my own decisions, the parties, the social life.... I ended up in nursing school (LVN) and never completed my 4 year degree.Fast forward over a decade later and I'm a married mother of 3 little guys, unemployed after losing my corporate America job and wondering what I'm going to do with my life. I chose (with my husband's enduring support) to return to college to finally finish my degree and create a better life for us....more

Five minutes and a world away

So there I was, thinking today would be like any other day, when my youngest decided to go into full blown grumpy mode. Why? Because I asked him what he wanted for breakfast (and gave him a handful of in-house choices) then refused his request to pick-up breakfast on the way to school.I'm standing in the kitchen, hair uncombed and still in my night t-shirt, making last minute lunches. I was already 15 minutes behind because I hit the snooze button. Twice....more
Brings back so many memories of my mornings with my girls. Wish I had learned way back then to ...more