My Opinion on Getting Healthy.

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Healthy After School Homemade Treat!!

 Good Afternoon everyone. Today was the first day of school for my son, he is now in kindergarten prep. So today I decided I will make him something fun for after school he can snack on! Whats better than a fruitroll up, a homemade one at that! Yummy!! This recipe if you will is very simple and fun to make.  Here are step by step directions to help you make your first batch. This family loves mango we  could eat mango and avocado every single day. I hope you enjoy making these make sure to involve you kids. Since my son is in school I made my husband help me....more

Healthy Back to school lunch makeover!!

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Detox: Accelerating the change. and Why is Detoxing so important!!

          As you all well know I love Hungry For Change. Those people are  amazing and brillant! So after I read the book and watched the movie I decided to share the information I learned with my family, friends and anyone else willing to listen.  I am now on a mission just as the creators of Hungry For Change and Food Matters are to teach people about eating right, and loving yourself. ...more

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4 Tips for Making Healthy School Lunches

Tip #1: Make Food Ahead Making your lunches ahead of time will save you from the early a.m., gotta-get-the-kids-out-the-door-5-minutes-ago scramble. The further ahead you make your lunches, the less you have to stress. How this works for every family will be different but making lunch ahead could look like making an extra-big dinner the night before and packing the leftovers into bento boxes. It could mean making sandwiches for the week on Sunday night. The really adventurous might even try doing more than a week's worth of lunches!  ...more


Short to the point Again...All about the protein this week!!

Other sources of protein (that I like) are:EggsLean Meat- Chicken, Laura’s Lean ground beef, turkeyLow fat cottage cheeseAlmondsMini Babybell CheeseString CheeseNut ButtersGreek Yogurt


Why You Need Protein in Your DietProtein is an essential nutrient found in animal products, nuts, and beans....more