The Happy Dance

The Happy Dance… Almost every morning when I am with my boyfriend Jon, I do a dance for him. It is not a sexy dance but what I call a “Happy Dance”. I have no sense of rhythm what so ever! I jump around singing things like, “Jonny is awesome and amazing, and he’s my love.” See Jon wakes up grumpy in the morning. At first he thought I was totally annoying. After a while he looked forward to the dance and the song that came with it; it not does he likes my off tempo dancing or my out of key voice....more


Wrinklesby Bari Beckettin reflection ...more

No clothes for 6 months…

No clothes for 6 months… I went in my closet and saw I have and addiction to clothes! There are clothes everywhere and things I forgot I have. Clothes I have not ever worn. Things I have bought and did not return that needed to be. How much wasted money did I spend on all this? I would say thousands over the years. Here is the important conclusion I came to; there are millions of people out there that go without. I could be doing something better with that money. Also why do I do that? It fills a void. Now what is that void? I have to look at it....more

Acknowledge, Give Love, March on

Acknowledge, Give Love, March onWe all make mistakes in life.  The goal is to learn from them and move on. The issue is we sometimes dwell in the mistake and it drowns us, stops us from learning.  I lost an infomercial deal many years ago. I was not the best business person back then.  If I was it would have been much better and maybe turned out differently who knows.  What I can tell you is that I learned from the mistake, moved on and now I consider myself a pretty good business person.  ...more