Teenage Girls Exposed To Scammers & Outrageous Lies From Advertisers Facebook Won't Block

I’m fed up of seeing endless adverts in my Facebook feed telling me I can ‘melt away belly fat’ or ‘learn the secret to losing 2 stone in 4 weeks’ and so on.  These are claims that I feel are damaging to impressionable teenage girls, yet even when blatant scams and indetity theft is reported to Facebook, they do nothing.  Be aware of the dangers and make sure your teenage daugthers are aware too....more

How to Be an Awesome Community Manager

One of the most challenging roles of a community manager is in the upholding of their particular community or forum rules and in moderating the posts made by community members. Rules are necessary to ensure that communities remain useful and usable for all members, helping to cut down on spam, keeping discussions on topic and ensuring that members don’t become abusive. ...more