A Fresh Floral Backyard Tea Party Shower

This shower was a true work of love by matron of honor Ashley and maid of honor Christianne. The two carefully planned every detail, from the floral arrangements designed by Christianne to the tea bag–shaped cookies monogrammed with bride Holly’s future last initial. The backyard was transformed with elegant tables set with gold chargers and purple linens ....more

It’s Ultimate Bridesmaid’s Birthday (We’re 3)!

Photo courtesy of Aly Carroll Photography That’s right, Ultimate Bridesmaid is 3 years old! It’s crazy to look back at some of the first posts I wrote and then see where the blog is today. Thanks are due, as always, to the...more

Around the Clock Shower Gift Guide

If you’ve happened upon this post, you’ve probably already been invited to an Around the Clock Shower. For this popular shower theme, each guest is assigned a time of day and asked to...more

Win Custom Bachelorette Favors from Flhair Accessories!

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A Lovely Peacock Blue Bridal Shower

Sometimes you have to take a moment to honor...more

A Belly Dancing Hen Night in Zurich

Engaged and pregnant? Don’t skip your bachelorette night! The bachelorette party is about celebrating friendships and that certainly doesn’t require alcohol ....more

An Urban Chic Same-Sex Bridal Shower

I cannot tell you how long I’ve been looking for a same-sex bridal shower to feature here. I try to show all different kinds of parties and people, so finding a shower for...more

Our Favorite Etsy “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” Cards

It’s no secret that we spend a lot of time on...more

A London Garden Tea Party Shower

Bright colors, a pretty garden setting, lots of laughter, a candy-covered cake…what’s not to love about this thoroughly modern London tea party, captured by Ronnie and Rose Photography?...more

Bridal Shower & Bachelorette Game: What’s in Your Cell Phone?

I have to admit that I’m totally guilty of spending way too much time on my cell phone. When I go on vacation, I intentionally “cell phone detox,” which means no email, no social media, no texting—and it’s awesome. That said, why not put all our obsessive Instagramming to good use? ...more