The Other Side of Infertility. (25w4d)

This post is about infertility. Sort of.Again? Yes.And the natural next question is: but isn't that... um, well... over?And really... I don't know....more
I've often found myself pondering this same thing: will infertility be 'over' if/when I get ...more

The Show.

Almost everyone you know is passionate about acting. There are a few people who aren't, of course, but most people have at least a passing interest in, someday, putting on their own one-woman show. The audience for these shows is usually small-- no more than one, two, maybe three people at the most-- but the real demand is behind the scenes because ideally, people will fight to get in and grab one of those seats....more

Thanks, other Julie! (I'm a Julie as well.)

I struggled for a while to find a metaphor with ...more

Even Reproductive Cowgirls Get the Blues.

Something interesting about trying to get pregnant-- the longer you try with no success, the more rooms you gain access to in your very large, multi-wing reproductive science facility of choice. ...more

Thrills, Chills & Zils

In an effort to increase my chances of conceiving, and partly in concession to my husband after the death of his father this summer, I agreed to suck it up and pay for a personal trainer. I also signed up for belly dance classes (American Tribal Style) after our friend Janet came for the weekend and raved about it and, also on her recommendation, I started seeing a massage therapist to deal with my rapidly curving neck & upper spine....more

I Crave Rainbows.

We're still finding all sorts of treasures down in my FIL's apartment. Nothing that we really need, and not even much we can use at this point... just lots of miscellaneous books, photos, office supplies, knick knacks and oh! lots of teeny tiny colored glass cordial glasses that belonged to Husband's grandmother. ...more

At Least I LOOK Pregnant.

Belly dance, phew! It's harder than it looks. Just three minutes of holding your arms up in the air, even if you're not moving them around, is like torture! But of course it already has me dreaming of flowy circle skirts, dangly earrings and zils, which I need to buy for next class anyways. Oh, and general weight loss would be nice too, because yesterday at work, this happened: ...more

How Does A Body Make Another Body?

It occurs to me that I have a few guys who occasionally read my blog... two in particular being Husband and a male friend of ours. I wonder what reading this feels like for a guy. I imagine it gets boring after a while. So much of this feels boring, in a way, just to write. I'm in a slump where I'm not so enamored with the idea of knowing every single bit of data I can about what my body is doing....more