One Student's CollegeTransfer Story...

The whole college experience is really more of a journey than anything else. But I guess that can be said about our lives. These journeys take us to new places and new experiences and sometimes we don't even know where we will end up....more

How To...Tips For Parents Of College Students

How To… Welcome Your College Student Home1.  Recognize that your child has been on their own so new “rules” may apply.2. Remember noon is the new 9am, so plan your day accordingly.3. Expect laundry BUT you may be surprised when your kids do it themselves.4. Plan to make your kids’ favorite food or take them to their favorite restaurant – after months of dorm food they will be craving this.5. Tastes may have expanded so check with them before stocking the refrigerator....more

This Empty Nester’s Life is Put on Hold for Winter Break

The usual topic of conversation among friends who have college kids these days revolves around our kids’ adjustment to coming home after living on their own. But what about our adjustment – especially if you are an empty nester like me. Having a house full of kids again after four months of quiet will take some getting used to. I am not just talking about getting used to new sleep patterns, extra laundry, cooking dinner, or waiting up for them to come in at night. I am referring to changing my routine back to being a full time parent for a full household....more

Hurricane Sandy Hits Home

Sandy Hits Home Whether it was a tropical storm or a hurricane, Sandy has hit home. Felicia, one of Uncool College Parents’ founders, has been hit hard by the storm. Her home has been destroyed and through her loss, we’ve come to have a personal stake in Sandy. Felicia knows that her home can be rebuilt and that stuff is only stuff. But some stuff make memories and that loss is hard to bear. In her words: Nothing can describe what it feels like to walk into your home and find it demolished. Carpet squishing underfoot. The water might have receded, but we can see where it was....more

Campus Security: Share This With Your Kids

We’re thinking about our kids’ safety, but are they? Start a dialogue and keep the lines of communication open.  Make a plan to stay in touch with your child and stick to it. Share these tips with your kids. There’s a lot here. Maybe one at a time?! Your kids might roll their eyes, but they will hear. Be aware of your surroundings.  Become familiar with the campus and map out safe ways to walk to and from your classes. Walk in lit areas that are frequently traveled. Always walk with at least one other person that you know....more

Empty Nester - What Does it Mean?

I was talking to a friend today and we were discussing what it means to be an empty nester after having been a full time stay at home mother for so many years. The phrase empty nester conjures up a feeling for many people. For some it is apprehension and for others it represents possibilities. Being parents of college age kids my husband and I will presumably be empty nesters now for the rest of our lives. At least that’s what we hope -lol -although today many kids come back to live at home after college. So what does it mean to be an empty nester?...more

Does Sending Your Kids Off To College Get Easier Each Successive Year?

Somebody asked me the other day if it gets easier to say goodbye to your college kids in the fall when they are a sophomore, junior or senior in college. I had to stop for a minute and think.  For me the answer is a qualified, yes. A lot of the anxiety that I experienced when each of my kids first went to school was tied to my child and the unknowns with respect to each of them. Would they like their roommate? Would they be able to handle the course load? Would they like their courses?  Would they make good friends? How smoothly would move in day go?...more

Road Trip with Cooper (our family dog) to College Parent Visiting Weekend

It was parent visiting day and I was meeting my husband in the City before we drove up to school.  The appointed time had arrived and there was my husband in the car with my 120 pound Golden Retriever!  This is no ordinary Golden.  He is huge and hairy.  A little like my husband....more

One Parent’s Understanding of the Greek Cycle in College

College has started and so has the cycle of Greek life. This year once again countless college students across the country will aspire to be a part of this system. Each person needs to decide for himself or herself but it seems that in the mind of a college student belonging to something that looks like so much fun is appealing. And so the cycle starts. As far as I can tell becoming a part of a sorority or fraternity is a repeatable process. This starts with a period called rushing. Rushing seems to be the period of time when a student goes from house to house....more