Let The Holiday Shopping Begin

http://www.unemployedwoman.com It is definitely obvious that the holiday shopping season starts earlier every year.  I was in a retail store the day before Halloween and there was a Halloween display on one side and a Christmas display on the other side.  I never saw that before.  I guess shopping really early for holiday gifts can be a good thing.  It will certainly take the stress off of last minute shopping.  It will also allow you to budget your money and not have all the bills due at the same time.  It ...more

My Third Job Fair

http://www.unemployedwoman.com October seems to be the month for job fairs.  I attended my third job fair yesterday hosted by the county I live in.  It was the best one I attended to date.  It had over 80 companies represented, offered resume help and everyone was pleasant.  For those who were lucky enough to find a company they were intersted in they were doing interviews on the spot.  I actually think some women may have gotten jobs from this fair.  I wasn't so lucky but it was a good experience for me and...more

So Many Unemployed

http://www.unemployedwoman.com Everywhere I go I am hearing about more and more people out of work.  Some of the stories are really sad and break my heart.  So many people are struggling and living one day at a time.  Although I am also unemployed I still consider myself lucky because my husband has a job.  I also feel like all of us out of work have to look out for each other.  I pass along any tips or jobs I see to my friends and they do the same for me.  Networking is the most important thing today. ...more

Flu Shots are Here

http://www.unemployedwoman.com This seasons flu vaccines have arrived.  I am actually going to get my shot this afternoon at my doctor's office.  Lucky  for me I have health insurance that covers this and I will not have any out of pocket expense.  I am a huge believer in the flu shot because the flu is a nasty virus which can make you really sick.  My husband had it many years ago and it was not pretty.  Throughout the season a lot of people think they have the flu when it is really a cold.  When you h...more

Everyone Can Save

http://www.unemployedwoman.com I have been a great saver since I was a kid.  When I hear that people do not know how to save/budget I can not believe it because it comes naturally to me.  I read something the other day about needs vs wants and I think this may have something to do with it.  People, especially adults, have to have discipline and can not have everything they want.  I read that if you want something over $100 think about it for 24 hours and most likely you will forget about it by the next day. ...more

Spice Up Your Sex Life

http://www.unemployedwoman.com This past weekend I went to a Women's Conference and attended a great seminar called, "How to Spice Up Your Sex Life".  The instructor Dr. Bostick-Smith, a gynecologist in Delran NJ was extremely entertaining.  She made her grand entrance after everyone was seated, singing "Here Comes the Bride" dressed in a white lace wedding gown with a long flowing train....more

Starting a Small Business

If you have any interest in starting your own small business you should look for free counseling services in your area.  Since becoming unemployed a friend and I started our own website for unemployed women.  In our area one of the universities has a small business development center where they offer free counseling for people attempting to start a small business.  We have met with them twice at no charge and have gotten great information and advice.  Check in your area for free services like this. ...more

Home Depot Offers Free Classes

Over the weekend my friend and I attended a free class at Home Depot.  It was called Save Energy/Save Money.  There were only two of us who attended but the speaker/employee was great.  He was very well informed and answered alot of our questions.  He talked about how you can do things around the house to conserve energy and money.  He talked about insulation, windows, hot water heaters, light bulbs, appliances, air conditioners, and dimmer switches.  He showed us products and explained how to do things.  My friend and I are both unemployed women and ...more

Volunteering While Unemployed

Volunteering at my local hospital is something I always wanted to do but never managed to find the time while I was working.  Now that I am unemployed I managed to get my application in and hope to start in the next few weeks.  I worked in the medical field many years ago and I can honestly say of all the jobs I've had that was the job that made me feel like I was actually doing something important....more

Unemployed Woman

Since I have been unemployed I decided to take advantage of any free lectures on health issues offered by the local hospitals.  All of the hospitals have some type of information lectures.  Most are free and some charge a small fee.  Next week I will be attending one that charges $5.00 but includes lunch.  This will be at Virtua in Voorhees, NJ.  Most of the hospitals send brochures listing their seminars and classes offered.  I just received one from Kennedy hospital and will attend several of theirs.  Topics include Beyond the Salt Shaker, Generic v...more