Soil Sisters Unite!

Content can now be found in the new book "Aging With Ungirdled Passion" on ...more

Cheating Politicians - Does It Matter To You As A Voter?

By now we've all heard the latest re: Mark Sanford, the South Carolina governor who has confessed to a long-time affair with a South American reporter.  Every time a scandal like this breaks about a political leader, the debate about whether it affects the elected official's political fitness arises.  I blogged about this recently and wonder what the savvy blogher community thinks. ...more

Cheating Politicians: A Couple of Questions

The list of animals that mate for life (to name a few of many) includes: gibbon apes, wolves, termites, coyotes, barn owls, beavers, bald eagles,condors, swans, cranes, pigeons, red-tailed hawks, angelfish, ospreys, geese,whales, penguins and black vultures. Notice that male politicians are not on this list. ...more

Attending Social Functions: Men & Women Approach It A Little Differently

This weekend, we had a number of social functions to attend, and I was painfully reminded that when it comes to attending parties, men and women have very different approaches. Following is an accounting of how my husband and I typically prepare for various parties. I'm wondering if it follows the typical pattern of behavior at your house. ...more

When It Comes To The Effects Of Aging, It's Best To Keep Your Chin Up!

Content can be found in the new book "Aging With Ungirdled Passion" on ...more

Newsweek Blasts Oprah - What's Next? There's No Santa?

My hands trembled as I read the cover of this week's Newsweek I pulled from the mailbox. ...more

Thanks so much for your kind words, Megan!  I really appreciate it!  Everyone at BlogHer has ...more

Middle Age Has Turned Me Into A Real Mother Plucker!

Content can be found in the new book, "Aging With Ungirdled Passion" on Thanks for checking it out!  ...more

Oral Sex Is The New Goodnight Kiss?!

When I was 11, I came home after hanging out in the neighborhood to ask my mother an important question.  I had overheard some slightly older girls whispering about French kissing.  I was naturally very curious ...more

Must Be Good To Be King

I am the mother (zookeeper) of 16 year-old twin boy-type creatures.   Mothers of teenagers will re ...more

Elizabeth Edwards & Marriage Negotiations - What Tomorrow's Brides Can Learn

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know Elizabeth Edwards is doing a GINORMOUS media tour to promote her new book Resilience that ...more