Single Girl Finds the Answer to Warehouse Shopping

Loving Costco as much as I do, ( click HERE to read an older post about one of my shopping trips) I found I needed to figure out how to store produce without it going rotten before I could use it all... and I DID. Continue reading to find out how a Single Girl Finds the Answer to Warehouse Shopping!...more

The Power of the Kitchen Table

This morning I had a flashback to a metal trivet that hung in my mother’s kitchen, right near the sink. I believe she placed it there when we moved in… and it didn’t budge until we sold the house fifty-five years later.The trivet was black cast iron with a few flowers painted in red and yellow with some green leaves. White lettering read: Of all the places I serve my guests, it seems they like my kitchen best....more

Club 520

Ya know... we woman are a fickle bunch. We can be your best friend... or your worse nightmare, it all depends on the moment.We all have our special 'tricks' and favorite little things that make our lives bearable and homes running smoothly. If we like you, and feel you are worthy... we'll share them with you. Trust me... it's a fine line sometimes and making the choice to share or not is not always an easy one....more

Industrial Sized Shopping... For One

I need to tell you about my shopping trip at Costco the other day. This whole thing started because I was hungry and wanted a slice of pizza for lunch. My local Costco is just down the road, and the pizza is cheap… oh and I had to gas up at their pumps. Yeah… that’s how they reel you in....more

YIKES! I Tossed My Manuscript Into the Fire

I tossed the entire manuscript into the fire… literally! Every page, every word… up in flames… without a backup any where to be found. The only words left of years of work are the few you will find posted on the “Sneak Peek” tab of my blog...

I'll Have What She's Having

I’ll Have What She’s HavingPosted on February 7, 2014 ...more

Does LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT Really Exist?

Do you believe in ‘Love at First Sight?’Researchers at Ohio State University did a study and found that yes… Love at first sight DOES exist. The results proved that men and women both size up their potential mate and know within 2 minutes if they were interested in moving forward. TWO MINUTES!!! Wow! Following the subjects for nine weeks proved the relationships turned out exactly the way they predicted....more

The Heart - A symbol of LOVE

The Heart Wants What The Heart WantsPosted on February 6, 2014 ...more

Dating - Bah!!!

I believe in Fairytales. I believe in relationships. I believe every pot has a lid. I don’t believe in dating.Why? Because it’s stressful and awkward and stilted and a waste of my time. Not that I’m so busy I can’t fit dating in… no… that’s not it. I am not interested in dating, and therefore it becomes a chore....more

Traveling Alone… Not My Cup of Tea

I did a bunch of traveling this past year. Some was obligatory, some was work related, and some was for pure fun. All of it was exciting.In addition to simply ‘running away from home’… I like to explore new places and see new things… especially in the USA. Drive, fly, bike, or walk… makes no difference to me… as long as I get to see something new....more
fledged  And the solo hiking woman helped ME immensely. All of my planned trips this year are ...more