Piecing Together My Past

For as long as I can remember there's been some sort of strife between my mother and I.  I used to think it was the normal issues that most girls have with their moms.  Isn't that the cliche?  Try Googling "mother daughter relationships problems" and you'll come up with countless search results.  Not only do I have a strained relationship with mine I generally accepted that it was my fault because I couldn't stop holding grudges.  ...more
Arggggh... familys! I hear you! I am so so sorry... what an awful thing to be going through! ...more

Thirty Weeks

I was 30 weeks pregnant when my daughter came barreling into the world.  I was not ready to be a mother yet.  I realize that sounds crazy since I was due to become one in a little over 2 more months.  My body and baby had other plans; plans that sent us on a long hard road of preterm labor, emergency surgery, and a very long hospital stay for the new little person in our life....more