My four year old son wants to know why he doesn't have "BLOGHIM" where he can blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more

Your son won't have any problems finding opportunities to blog, once he is of age to blog, ...more


How much responsiblity we take for our own lives? ...more

What do men do

What do men do? I dont mean in a philosophical sense, but in a marriage what do men do for which they can be nagged about? ...more
I agree that women don't get enough validation for what they do. I also think it has to do with ...more

Cutting the umbilical cord

Today my son left to pursue his studies away from me. This had been discussed, argued about, debated, disagreed and finally surrendered to by me. I hate the idea of him living away from me. It is bad enough to know in your heart that you never were a good enough mother, it is worse to have your child accept his move away from you.But more than anything in this world, I want him to be happy. Happy as in simply happy. No restrictions to do what he wants. Truly and productively. ...more

for your thoughts. I do have a younger one who is three and a half but it doesnt stop me from ...more

Free online exercise group - is there one?

I am a SAHM who is in her forties. As with many moms, I am looking for ways to increase my fitness within the confines of my home.  My problem is motivation. I would like to exercise with a group, but given my circumstances, I cant go to a gym. Is there a group out there exercises at home, which keeps up with each other through the interent to motivate? Even do specific exercises through webcam? I do have a few DVD's but am unable to whip up enthusiasm for exercising on my own...............  ...more