My Sons are White, So They're Safe

This is my son. He's white so he’ll never pose a threat to anyone in his life because well, he’s white.While I hope it's true that he'll never pose a threat to anyone, I hope it's true because he's a good boy - not simply because he's white. But apparently that's not how people like George Zimmerman think.Instead, it seems some people have the perception that if you're white, you're okay, if you're black, you're a threat to all mankind....more

Walk It Off: I Want The Courage Of My Twelve Year Old Youth

It’s the third inning of my softball game, I’m catching for one of the hardest throwing pitchers in my town’s league, and I’m talking 80 mph windmill pitch for twelve year olds.  I feel honored to catch for her but each time I do I’m also scared out of my mind. This pitcher throws hard, fast and each pitch stings my hand as if I have been stung by a jelly fish....more

20 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Had Children

After seeing and holding the newest member of our family I've realized that there is nothing as pure, beautiful and amazing as the sight of a new born baby, but the smell, the smell of a newborn so lovely, so clean, it actually reminded me of the air in Oregon, strange I know, but it did....more

Waving The White Flag: Working Moms vs. Stay at Home Moms

The minute I read the title of this article Why Working Mothers Makes Us Angry I was pissed off, I went immediately into my “Working Mother” safe house with clenched fists, armor drawn, and my artillery ready to fire of...more

Was It Yoga or Was It Porn?

I tried Yoga for the first time.  Well, really it’s the third time but I don’t count the continuing education class I took at my High School where there were 100 attendees and I couldn’t see the teacher so I ended up just bullshitting with my sister....more
@The Unnatural Mother Good! Does your cell phone have video? If so - be prepared to pull that ...more

Whose That Girl? A Locker Room Observation

  Everyone has his or her own time zone when it comes to working out. Me? I’m a morning gym goer. I like to get up, well I don't like to get up but I prefer to get up early to work out. A morning workout means I’m less likely to go off the deep end....more

Does Your Spouse Question Your Debit Card Charges?

Hun, what’s this charge on the debit card for $35.66? Oh, um, not sure, where from? ABC United something or other. Oh, I made a donation to a charity. Okay, what about this charge for $2.99 – Fruit what the fuck is Fruit Ninja? Oh, um, I bought an iPhone game for the boys? Really? Yea, they like to play it. $2.99 at Dunkin Donuts?  $6.78 at 7-11?  $3.50 at Starbucks?  Why the hell did we buy a Keruig? Do you really drink that much fricking coffee? Ummm… yes? ...more
I don't get that at all. My hubby and I have a rule that anything under $25 we can spend no ...more

Everyone gets a nickname, right?

2012 is all about organization; my husband is whipping around my house faster than MacGyver disassembling a bomb. It’s quite frustrating as I feel like a slacker. But as the big clean of 2012 is happening, it was my job to manage my photos. I have a lot of photos.  A lot. No less than ten shoe boxes and at least seven albums of memories from high school through college, and beyond....more

A Letter to The Treadmill

Dear Tready, Oh my dearest Tready, I really want to take the time to thank you, thank you for all you do for me, for my body and my mind. I want to thank you for challenging me on the days I want to take the risk, pushing me when I need to be pushed,and I want to thank you for giving me a warm treadmill hug on the days I need to take it easy....more

A Christmas Lesson from a 7 Year Old

As a parent to a seven and four year old the pressure to play Santa Clause weighed heavy on me this year. I have created this illusion in my head that my kids had to have the best Christmas ever, I'm not sure if it’s because I started the season in a piss poor mood so I felt I needed to make sure I ended the season with shits and giggles. I didn't want to fail them.I wanted to make sure that we created a Christmas miracle, and it would be as magical as a Criss Angel walking on water, shouldn’t that be Jesus? But wait, that can't happen cause he wasn't born yet....more