Why I HATE Sarah Palin

I hate her cause she doesnt answer peoples questions. She sticks to an artfully crafted script of the GOPs greatest hits-the same hockey mom pitbull w/lipstick bullshit-& refuses 2 answer anything else. I hate her cause she preaches til shes blue in the face about abstinence-not only a completely unrealistic thing to teach kids,but the stupid woman stands by it even in face of the fact that it doesnt WORK. Her own kid is knocked up & last time I checked she wasnt exactly married. Im sorry,but Im pretty sure that one needs to have SEX in order for one to GET pregnant. ...more

The $700 Billion Bullshit Bailout

this is bullshit-everyone to say it w/me: this bailout is BULLSHIT. I dont make much-$30,000 before taxes, insurance, & state nickel & dimin take their massive chunk outta me. right now theyre saying what they rob me of every week is going to go towards even more nonsense-to bailout the very companies that are responsible for this mess to begin w/. companies that lurred uninformed, unprepared, blue collar people,GOOD people-into subprime bullshit schemes. ...more

I think these companies need to be paying higer taxes we should not be giving them money. It ...more