You’re Kind of Not Beautiful!

 "You're beautiful." That's what they say.In a valiant effort to counteract the negative effects of today's beauty standards, feminists, self-esteem gurus, and countless women's blogs tell us how beautiful we are, no matter what.Um - don't take this the wrong way - but - I disagree....more

Dear Barbie

Dear Barbie,Now that I am an adult, there are a few things I think you should know.I always wanted to be like you. You had the perfect body, bright eyes, shiny hair, and millions of admirers. I thought you were what it meant to be a woman....more

I was fascinated by Barbie growing up. My mother banned Barbie in the house b/c of the very ...more

There’s Nothing Natural About Motherhood

Self-preservation. It’s the law of nature. All life strives to preserve itself – to do what is in its own best interest, all life that is, except for mothers. Motherhood sucks. You’re the last to eat, if you get to eat at all. You’re thoroughly sleep-deprived. You’ve sacrificed your body, which now feels like a rotting peach and looks like a melted candle....more

G. stands for GIRL

i was like, so thinking that i would end-up with the post partum ...more

Stupid Gerber Baby

It’s always that same face. Those enormous puppy dog eyes, perfectly puckered lips and the most obnoxious manipulated wisp of fuzz on top of its head—the face that is printed on the label of practically every bottle, jar and tube I’ve ever used. Everywhere I turn— there it is, a haunting reminder of everything I’m not....more

Nineteen Strangers

My little nutter butter woke up from his nap a bit sleepy. He wrapped his tiny arms around my neck as I gently lifted him from his crib. He loves being held.I felt his chubby cheek softly press against my shoulder. I smiled, nuzzling the crook of his neck. His delicious scent filled my lungs. It was pure, innocent, and true. I held on to that breath, allowing the love I felt to consume my heart. When I exhaled, every hope, prayer, wish, and dream that could exist came pouring out of my heart for my precious angel....more

Lights, Camera, NO Action!

As I hurriedly raked through the closet, grabbing my belongings, I accidentally tipped over a box that belonged to my soon-to-be ex-husband. Porn showered down over me. It was the reason my three and a half year marriage was over....more

Thanks for your thoughts ladies. I do need to clarify that this is not my personal story. This ...more