Please, Facebook, Don't Be Creepy

According to Facebook, despite the hoards of friends and acquaintances I’m already trying to keep track of via status updates, I need even more. A lot more. Which is why this social networking site “suggests” new friends for me. I sort of feel like I’m in kindergarten again, when the teacher hustled me up to another little girl on the playground and told us to “play together nicely.” ...more

I think I'm the only one I know who hasn't put my "face in the book." People tell me about its ...more

Yes, Virginia, there are nice childfree people ...

I will never be anyone’s mother in the biological, legal or fiduciary meaning of the word. But I am in the most traditional sense of the word, maternal. I know as well as any parent what it means to sacrifice willingly for a very long stretch of time. ...more

I refer the Honourable Lady to my response ...more