Barbie & Scooter grow up to be freaky sex toys

Am I the last person in the universe to hear about these RealDoll creations? I try to keep up with crazy stuff in the news, but I just found out about these life-like dolls Abyss Creations out of California are producing. These dolls have durable, posable PVC skeletons with steel joints and silicone flesh -- apparently the last word in state-of-the-art life-like simulated human bodies. Of course they represent idealized versions of human bodies, not human bodies as they actually are. Prices begin at around $6500 US, with some models costing over $10,000 US. ...more

According to the hype, "satisfied customers" are over the moon about their new companions. From ...more

The HPV Vaccine Tyranny

Very few things are more distasteful to me than pharmaceutical companies especially when they’re linked to cancer “research”. Even so, I’m sure they haven’t done anything quite as distasteful as this current HPV propaganda campaign. The media hysteria, the parental panic, the school boards’ dilemmas, the overcrowded bandwagon. It’s nuts. Has everyone has lost their tiny minds? ...more

Doing our own research is the best way that we can take responsibility for our own health care ...more

Does one child's allergies determine your child's lunch?

Parents of students at an elementary school in Ottawa's Westboro neighbourhood, received a letter on the first day of school last week informing them that that a child in the class has a life-threatening allergy to eggs, wheat, milk, peanuts and nuts, and "the only way to ensure a safe environment" for the child is to keep those out of the classroom. ...more


Hi All, I'm new to Blogher -- what a great idea -- and new to Ottawa, but I've been blogging for a while ( I look forward to browsing through a lot of the blogs here and meeting some fabulous women in the blog world and maybe even in the real world. ...more