Out with the Old, In with the New!

Out with the Old, In with the New.  As this new year begins, I've been thinking about this statement.  It kind of makes sense, something is old and worn out and we throw it away.  But should everything old be thrown away, or sent away.. out with the old?  My mom just gave me her old Ukelele.  She got it when she was really young and taught herself to play.  What a treasure she gave me, I love the memories I have of her playing the Ukelele!  I thought I had the coolest Mom (okay......more

Do Unto Others

My parents were such a wonderful example of service and giving.  They were always quietly helping their neighbors, friends, and on many occasions, strangers.  If someone dropped by, no matter how meager or simple the meal was, Mom had a gift of extending that food so all were wel...more

Sensory Processing Disorder: The Dreaded Call

My sweet son has Sensory Processing Disorder.  "What?" You say.... "I've never heard of that."  Here is a wonderful link from another blog that explains it very well! ...more

Thank you Valeen. Even though our sons have different issues, I totally know where you are ...more


ADOT (Arizona Dept of Transportation) is famous for their road construction.... and not in a good way.  One minute the road is fine, the next minute the road is torn to smithereens and practically impassable as they fix the road.  No warning, no nothing, just BAM a big Detour sign right in front of you.  Sorry......more