Does this gown make me look fat? Or how not to become a 'patient'

I could write a book about my experiences as a nurse for over twenty years in the emergency departments of several hospitals.  How people react to a crisis is amazing; I’ve seen bravery, courage, laughter, crying, hysteria, denial, anger, frustration, almost every emotion possible has the ability to surface during horrible times.  As a nurse who has also spent more than enough time as a patient, I think I have also experienced every one of those emotions.  There truly is no “right” way to handle a crisis in the hospital.  The important thing is the need to experience and...more

"honey, does wearing nothing make me look fat??"

I have this metal artwork of a dog named “Spike.” He sports a spiked collar (appropriately enough) and actually has his “bits” hanging down between his legs.  His tongue is hanging out proudly and he appears happy and proud to be a dog. Reminds me of the men I’ve known in my life.  ...more

do they make gloves for the three fingered? (aka: life with lisa simpson hands)

Phantom finger??  I was the lucky recipient of a blood clot in my left index finger which made it necessary to amputate my that finger. Now, there’s a lot we do with our index fingers (although my nephews primary worry was nose picking; I reassured them it wouldn’t be a problem…you figure it out)....more

My noodle and I

You know of the noodle? The foam rubber long tube thingy that helps you stay afloat in a body of water? You can wrap yourself around it or wrap it around you, all the while holding on for dear life while in a pool. I grew very fond of my noodle while I was undergoing physical therapy, as my therapy was in the pool, my fear is of the pool and my salvation was Mr. Noodle. Of course my noodle was a Mr. - he was a long blue thing that seemed rather masculine to me, so Mr. Noodle it was. Mr....more

The year of doom

 The year of doom...more