Dear Santa, I Know You're a Fraud!

I did it. I finally got up the nerve to tell my daughter the truth about Santa Claus. A few weeks ago, we were at the mall and we ran into a North Pole display where the kids can write letters to Santa. She began writing a note to him explaining that she didn’t think he was real. I knew it was time to spill the beans. ...more
BlogHer So excited to see this on Blogher!! My little girl is growing up. :(more

Do You Make Your Kids Hug?

I absolutely adore my children’s relationship with one another. They may not admit it, ever, but I know they are each other’s best friend. My daughter is nine and will definitely not admit it, but when I act like I don’t know who my son is or when I play as if I’m going to leave him behind somewhere, she flips out! ...more
Sounds like sweet siblings :) We don't force our daughter to hug us or relatives because we ...more

How to Send Mother’s Day Memories to Mom Across the Country

Eleven years ago, I got married one week before Mother’s Day. We boarded an airplane in Detroit, Michigan headed for our honeymoon in Antigua. We booked our return flight to New York, NY where we were to begin our lives. Our wedding date is May 3rd and the following Sunday was Mother’s Day....more

A Stay At Home Mom’s Plan to Getting Back to Life at 42

My birthday is fast approaching and there’s nothing I can do about it. I’m grateful that I have been so blessed to reach the age of 42, married with two children along with a supportive family. I have no complaints there at all.But my professional life took a turn when I left Corporate America nearly 8 years ago....more

P&G "Thank You Mom" Olympic Commercials Sell Encouragement for Moms, Not Product

Did they have to go all the way back to infant hood? Really, P&G?I can't stand these P&G Olympic Thank You Mom commercials. I really can't. Every time I watch them, I end up on the floor, drowning in buckets of tears, walking into walls because I can't see the bathroom clearly as I hunt for a tissue....more

9/11: When Should I Tell My Kids About That Day?

Both of my kids were asked to wear red, white, and blue which begins two weeks of “wear this color for this/that day.”  Well, we all know why they are being asked to wear the colors which symbolize our country.  Today, is the anniversary of 9/11.  The day I personally will never forget....more

Take My Advice Before Entering Your Kid In A Pageant

Did you receive a “referral” letter in the mail today from the 2013 (inser city here) City Pageants?  My daughter did.  She’s only seven years old.  I was eager for this day.As a former pageant director in two pageants with a strong history, I know how to spot a legit pageant from one you need to stay away from.  This is why I am here to help those who are excited about entering the world of pageantry.  Now, I am not bashing any pageant, but aim to inform you of what to look for and run from when it comes to choosing a credible pageant....more