Nut/Peanut-Free Snack Suggestions

Some have started already, my kids go back to school in about 10 days. ...more

Summer on the Run

Too many reasons to list why I’ve been remiss in writing....more

Meals for Practice, Game & Other Activities Nights

Spring is such a busy time around my town. ...more

Cince de Mayo

It’s my birthday and also Cinco de Mayo. ...more

A one pot meal ALL my kids liked

My posts have been few and far between....more

Cutest Review

My seven year old son had to write a review or critique of something in his first grade class. ...more

The Dr. Seuss Method of Getting Kids to Eat

Last year I wrote about being the character Sam of Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham. ...more

Baking Hacks- for when you’re short on time

While preparing to bake a Sticky Banana Toffee Pudding, I decided to share a few of my baking hacks; things to do to make baking easier and more successful....more

Science Backs Up My Mom (well, when it comes to dairy it does)

Last night I had a conversation about fats in milk … the other person and I were in agreement that full-fat milk, cream cheese, yogurt, etc. tastes so much better than the low-fat or fat-free versions....more