Currently thinking about...

My brain has been on over-drive the past few weeks. So many great changes happening in our little world. Fun changes! ...more

Pom Pom Mobile

Mobiles above a babies bed are one of my favorite things. ...more


A few bits and pieces from last week... +He was Pa Ingalls this particular day...planting some corn. + This little nugget ....more

Anthro Giveaway


Anthro Giveaway!


Summer Days

Over the summer I've been working with the kids on their swimming skills. I was a life-guard all the way from highschool through college. Teaching swimming lessons has always been one of my favorite jobs ....more


Last month the kids and I drove to Missouri to spend a few days camping with my family. Every year my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins meet at the lake ...more

Living Small- Our Kitchen

Our kitchen is my favorite area of our home. It is TINY TINY. But it serves it's purpose well! ...more

Living Small- Questions Answered

You guys had some great questions on the first part of my Living Small Series!...more

3rd Vlog + Mini Facial Giveaways!

We're having a brief intermission from the Living Small Series! I wanted to share a little bit about my story ...more