8 Favorite Picture Books About Christopher Columbus

We’re using The Story of the World curriculum for history this year (and forever because we love it!) and just finished up our study about Christopher Columbus. We found several wonderful books about him I wanted to share with you! Some of these are chapter books, some are easy to read picture books, and others […] ...more

*REVIEW&GIVEAWAY* Abe the Ape Crocheted Hat Pattern & Clover Amour Hooks

GIVEAWAY One Vanilla Joy reader will win a size...more

DIY Built-In Bookshelves: IKEA Billy Hack

This room had a giant bare wall that was screaming for built-ins and we figured we could come up with some DIY something-or-other and we were right. We scoured the internet for built-in tutorials and found some pretty good ones that helped us, especially this one...more

Best Mom Friends

This is the Mother’s Day to beat all Mother’s Days because THIS Mother’s Day, I got some of my favorite things covered in chocolate, and I knew I couldn’t keep them all to myself. I’m sorry to do this to you but…Oh my… Before I devoured all these on my own, I thought I really […] ...more

*BEST* Play-Doh Recipe

I have been a mother AND a blogger for 8 years now – I started this blog right before Elliot was born – and in all those years, I’ve NEVER made my own play doh. Can you believe it? Honestly, I don’t love play doh, it gets everywhere and makes a huge mess, but the […] ...more

15 Must-Make Throw Pillows for Spring

Bed pillows, throw pillows, flower pillows, word pillows…PILLOWS PILLOWS PILLOWS!!! I kind of love them. Here are 15 beauties for your spring decor freshening (surely you’re doing it too…) for which new pillows are a must: 1 ....more

Goldfish Tails & Tales

The more time I spend with my children, the more fascinated I am by them. Children are such amazing creatures, so full of curiosity, energy, love, and joy. My children amaze me every day with the zest they have for even the most menial parts of life ....more

Goldfish-ish-ish Tales from Our Home to Yours

Nothing brings out the funny sillies in my boys like Goldfish® crackers. I know as a mom I’m supposed to discourage my kids from playing with their food but… when it comes to Goldfish crackers I just can’t do it....more

*REVIEW* Animal Hats from IRAROTTpatterns

Did you notice these two patterns in my Round Up a few months ago? Oh my adorable… I have a real thing for animal hats and I feel like the time I have to make them for my kids is running out! Pretty soon they’re going to think they’re too old and cool for these […] ...more

*REVIEW* Glow-in-the-Dark Fun Lab

The hubbs took the whole week between Christmas and New Year’s off so we played A LOT. Playing with Dad around is always so much more fun. At our house Dad is the one who usually does the science ...more