Are you panicking that your search engine ranking is about to tank because you've published guest posts on your blog? Have you got your emails ready? You know, the ones you plan to send out to every blog you've guest posted on, requesting they remove your guest post because it's now a big No-No according to Google... STOP. Slow down girlfriend. We're about to quickly discuss what you should do if:...more

Bomb In My Baby's Belly

"Interesting Case."This is what they referred to it as.An interesting case.For days, every new doctor we met had to at some point say, "This being an interesting case..."How could it be an interesting case when appendicitis is so common?...more

No Time For Mom's Health?

If today were three months ago, I would have said “I’m so happy to find so many moms just like me.”Today…today I can’t say that, because it saddens me. Two weeks ago I wrote a post about the big blogger butt blues.I won’t lie, I’m happy that so many commented, but I’ve got to tell you, at the same time, reading through the comments, breaks my heart....more

Why I Will Not Comment On “Big Blogs” Anymore

I read a really awesome post this morning over at Mama Wants This where Alison talks about the lack of commenting.Now I've got to tell you, I love Alison's writing voice and I've been reading her blog on and off for a bit, but I never would comment because she does have a good volume of comments on her posts. Seeing the number count deterred me in the past from commenting. I'll be truthful here, I never commented before because I didn't expect her to respond. Yes, I know, when you assume shit you make an ass out of blah blah blah....more

Why These People Are Not My Bloggy Friends

 0savesSaveFor most of my life I lived in Brooklyn. More specifically on the border of Brooklyn and Queens, in a neighborhood named Ridgewood. Five years ago, I left Brooklyn to live in the Bronx....more

Got the Big Blogger Butt Blues?

Is Your Butt Getting Bigger From Blogging? Mine sure as hell has.Bloody occupational hazard I tell you....more

How I Sabotaged My Kids Health

My 3 year old son is finally (almost) potty trained! I know, not a big deal, right? Wrong. This is a very big deal. It has been a journey getting to this point. A trying, stressful journey....more

My Facebook Account Shutdown Was Inevitable

Forced To Leave FacebookWhat I’m about to share with you are the facts of my interactions with Facebook yesterday, supported by screenshots. I’ve drawn my own conclusions, I’m sure you’ll draw yours. I’m sharing this with you this morning not because I’m pissed, because I’m not anymore, but as a warning to you. As you can see, I’ve removed my sidebar for this post. I want your attention focused. You reading this post is important to me.The highlights:...more

Your Blog On WordPress, Working It Like A Pro

I've seen this Q a lot lately, so I'm here to share why I feel a blogger interested in generating money from their blog should make that move....more

Why Bloggers Are Getting Their Behinds Kicked By Niche Marketers

Bloggers Are Letting Niche Marketers Bury ThemNow Bloggers, even beginners, are naturally niche ma...more