Free Bag for Swag

Seems like everyone at the conference is weighed down by all the cool swag we're getting. My personal favorites so far were the Scrapblog tees and the Flavorit food flavoring kit. I also really like the AOL tote that ended up in my hotel room but found the whole bag-mysteriously-appearing-all-of-a-sudden-in-my-hotel-room-thing a big freaky... ...more

Video Interviews from Blogher

I just wanted to let everyone know that Dawn and Jessica from Experience Project have been doing a number of video interviews at Blogher '07. I've also done a few from behind the camera (probably better that way :-) Check out Esther Dyson, Gina Trapani, Jane Goldman, and Carol Lin. ...more

Being a Guy at Blogher

When I first arrived at Blogher yesterday morning, a solid 5 minutes passed before I saw another man. It was a bit unusual at first, but then I kind of got used to it. And then, all-of-a-sudden, a guy walked by me. We kind of stared at each other for a little longer than usual - in the same way that you would stare at a long-lost twin if you happened upon him/her on a busy city street. It was pretty funny. But back to the topic at hand - being a guy at Blogher... more ...more

Interview with Elisa Camahort

Yesterday I did a short video interview with Elisa Camahort. I'll let you watch the video for yourself here. You can follow my blog on the Blogher07 conference here. (I can't really figure out how to embed the video as it does not seem to show in the preview using the standard embed code; if someone knows how to do it, please let me know!) ...more

Launch! Blogher 2007