A Lesson on How to Compete From Althea Gibson

Born August 25, 1927, Althea Gibson was the first Black American to play tennis at the U.S. Open (1950) and at Wimbledon (1951)....more

The 10 Most Empowering Moments of 2011

Time Magazine just released their top pick for Person of the Year – The Protester. OK...but along with that, came their list of People Who Mattered in 2011 – among them Casey Anthony and Warren Buffet...Mmmm. Here's what I say:...more

Why Setting Another New Year's Resolution Won't Work!

It's Not the Resolutions ...more

Operation: SUCCESS From A to Z

AccountabilityAccountability is moving away from the victim mindset, the blame shifting and taking responsibility for your circumstances and situation. The successful know, fully, that they are the catalyst for moving themselves into their success. Any wrong doings or missteps rest squarely in their hands.Benevolence...more

Why You're Struggling: 4 Things You Haven't Considered

 I don’t explicitly talk about God in every one of my posts but I think I should.I just try to live my life in such a way that shows that I’m God-fearing, a believer and let my life be the testament to how God is working through me and in my life.And why I should start addressing God is my posts is because, people are suffering and they don’t know why....more

The Jealousy Factor: How to Stop Comparing

In any Marketing or Business class, you’ll hear the term “USP” or “Unique Selling Proposition” – the concept of differentiating your product, your service or yourself from your competition. Moreover, that thing or things that make you uniquely different from everyone else.With that being said, it always amazes me why so many people are still playing the comparison game....more

Is Steve Jobs the Next Martin Luther King, Jr.?

Will Steve Jobs go down in history as the next Martin Luther King, Jr.?Recently resigned Steve Jobs, as the CEO of Apple Computers is a visionary in every sense of the word, with his keen ability and foresight, developed products that forever changed the way in which the world sees and uses computer software and hardware....more

Are You Afraid of Success

 If I asked you, “Do you want to be successful?” naturally you would be inclined to say, “Of course I want to be successful!” But everyone isn’t like you. There exists yet another crowd. The crowd that throws “success” around as a dirty word. The crowd that doesn’t know what to expect and because they don’t know what to expect, then it’s not worth their effort. ...more

Is it Time to Give Up on Your Dreams?

As I was watching The Marriage Ref recently, one couple’s situation warranted the need to look into this question a little further: how do you know when it’s time to give up on your dreams?...more
Hi midnightbliss! Yep, praticality was definitely the grievance , but if that's TRULY ...more

The Do's and Don'ts to Taking More Risks

Do change your mindset...more