The Disney Gator

This past week a family enjoying their vacation at the “Happiest Place on Earth” had their world completely rocked. They lost their 2 year old son in an unimaginable way. A gator grabbed their child and dragged him away while the poor father tried to save him. How horrible! I seriously can’t imagine something happening to my child right in front of me and being helpless to stop it.I would like to share my thoughts on this event and hopefully provide insight to those planning to visit Florida in the future. ...more

How I Feel Two Years After My Best Friend and I Broke Up

 I was born and lived in my hometown until I was 30. As a result, I have many friends that I have known from the time I was born and others for as long as 25 years. In those mix of friendships I had close friendships with 4 girls that I grew up with and one was who I considered my best friend. I will refer to her as Lynn....more

We gave our daughter an iphone but we still are not cool parents..

This past weekend we decided to get our daughter an iphone. It really was on a whim. This was something that we had always said we would not do because we believe there wasn't a reason in the world for a 12 year old or even a teenager to need an iphone. ...more

Food- Organic? GMO or NO GMO?

    Well I have been doing lots of reading today on science and food and how they combine. There is a lot of information out there on the web. I normally go by medical sites for my information....more

My Last Post about Food Babe and Starbucks

    By now you know that Food Babe posted an article about the Starbucks PSL and it has pretty much gone viral over Facebook.  I just want to offer some perspective. I did some further research this morning and came up with some of my own conclusions. I am by no means a food expert. I have a telecommunications background and project management training. I have doctors and nurses in my family who are much more qualified than me to give any kind of a nutritional advice. I just find this particular topic interesting....more

Follow up to Food Babe and Starbucks

 Well I am back because today was really interesting! I posted my information on Food Babe's blog. I was respectful and tried not to insult her.. ok maybe I used "idiot" once. I replied to two other people who were saying essential the same that I was, kudos to them, and my comments were deleted. So were the comments from one of the other people I replied to....more

FoodBabe and Pumpkin Spice Latte

OK- So it's been a while since I have been on here. I started a new job this past spring and have been trying to focus on that as well as continue to work my photography business on the side. But this morning I saw an article floating around Facebook that just really irked me....more

My Letter to Ms. Gwyenth Paltrow

This morning I read an article in USA where Gwyneth Patlrow compared her working life to other working mom lives and mentioned that being a movie star was harder than being a regular 9-5 working mom. I had to respond to this, I just could not help it. I will not dislike her over this or boy cott her movies.  However, she needs to spend a week in our shoes... Dear Gwyneth Paltrow,...more

Make up for Dummies

I have a confession. I hate shoes. They hurt my feet. I will wear boots, wedges, flip flops, and shoes for the gym but thats it. No platform heels or fun shoes for me because they hurt me so bad. In my 20's my girlfriends and I would go out to the clubs and I would wear a really cute outfit with, gasp, Nike Tennis shoes. The street casual kind? If you went to highschool in 97 you remember them. My friends got so frustrated with me that they actually threw out the shoes for my birthday and bough me my first pair of black MIA strappy wedges....more

How My Position on Gay Marriage Changed From Against It and Why...

 In my teens and early 20's I supported Gay marriage. I was young and open minded and thought they should have the same rights. My father and I had huge debates about it. He is a Catholic and a Republican and his argument at the time was that the cost of health insurance would go up because of the AIDS factor. We now know that there are many people both gay and straight that have AIDS. Please forgive him, it was the late 90's. Then after I had my daughter and in my late 20's my thoughts began to change....more