Pinterest makes me feel inadequate.

If any of you have been on this site recently, and most of America has, you will soon realize how inferior your life is.Between beautifully decorated homes, organized closets, uber clean bathrooms and kitchens AND not to mention beautifully clothed skinny models with perfect makeup and hair....more
Hi, Beth!'s the new Martha Stewart, but I still love "paging" through it and feel ...more

An on going debate...very emotional issue.

There seems to be a theme. An issue that never goes away, or might fade into the background for a few fleeting moments, just to emerge again, with more vigor. A member recently created a debate on our website, I very emotional stance. One that requires a look in the psyche of the American public. How does abortion affect people in the long run. Psychologically does it create a lasting effect on that person's life and relationships....more
Hello there, Beth! I was reading this, this morning as it seems to be a wonderful way for people ...more

Morning after pill in vending machines?

Apparently, students at Shippensburg University have had available to them a vending machine that dispenses, for $25.00, the morning after pill.They make no profit, and no state money is used.HMMMM…Now keep in mind that, federal law makes the pill available without a prescription to anyone 17 or older.How come after having this machine on campus for 2 years is this becoming an issue? ...more

Did you know your bra might be prejudice?

I absolutley support this campaign! If bra's can come in polka tots and blue, red, ...more

What is not in your fast food hamburger now? Not for the squeamish.

The most disgusting, foul looking material, that before now was actually used in your hamburger is actually being discontinued. Not by federal regulations, but because of what chef Jamie Oliver, The Naked chef, made very clear. The food activist was shocked when he learned that ammonium hydroxide was being used by McDonald's to convert fatty beef off cuts into a beef filler for its burgers in the USA. ...more
Hi Beth:   I am doing an in depth series on my blog site on Lean Finely Trimmed Beef or pink ...more

Why I will miss Rick Perry.

I miss him. I miss the videos, the quotes, well just him.More than just entertainment for me. It was like an epiphany, every time he spoke. A realization that someone who is so inately idiotic, can run for President of the United States just b/c he has money. When you look at the stage at all of the debates, that is what you see. Money. And well white men with no fashion sense, but that is beyond the point.Ok, so this is supposed to be about Rick Perry, so here are some infamous quotes. Enjoy, I am....more I know...:)more

Would you drink this coffee?

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