Millennials At Work: Social Media and The Idea Web

Millennials: can't live with them, can't run a business without them. At least, that seems to be the pervasive point of view. But no matter how you slice it, they are in the workplace and are the future of business as we know it. Their rules, their ways, will all become the new normal as boomers age out of the workplace. ...more

Social Media and Personal Risk Management: A Case Study of a Paris Vacation

I am a road-warrior.  You know the type - a real dyed-in-the wool, hardcore traveler.  The kind who knows all the tricks of travel survival and has lots of amazing stories of world-wide adventure for work and pleasure.  I have seen riots in Tahiti, floods in Belize, night markets in Thailand and have given speeches in 5 different countries in 6 days. ...more

15 Ways To Kill An Online Community

About a year ago I blogged about the top 10 ways to kill engagement. Time has passed, tools have changed and the industry has evolved, so I figured it was time to update this list with fresh, updated tactics. Over the course of a year, nearly every organization has taken the community leap in one form or another -- from Facebook fan pages and LinkedIN groups to, for the bravest, a dedicated online community for their customers, clients or enthusiasts. While the tools have evolved, many of the best practice tenets remain the same....more