Three Mistakes Women Make During Sex

When the last good night story is read and the kids are safely tucked in you certainly don't want to go behind closed doors and make these mistakes with your man. Read 'em and release 'em! ...more
2nd mistake is done with a purpose. haha... you know what I mean :)more

Discover How Networking from the Heart Can Increase Your Contacts and Make You Memorable

Networking can be wildly successful or painfully ineffective… and it all depends on your frame of mind and approach going into it. Your MindsetThink of it this way: you are developing a team.  A team supports each other to achieve a common goal and in this case it’s for everyone to get more business!  You can even be creative and name your team. Keep it simple and have fun!...more

Pay Attention to Me, Please

Ever wonder why when it comes to relationships something always just feels off. You are either over compensating and making excuses for your partner or maybe you find yourself making excuses as to why you don’t have a partner. You have tried everything from the latest books, the trendiest clothes, the sexiest lingerie, you’ve updated your online profile, and you are the queen of facebook but still all you seem to get is heartache, stress, and other women’s men! Can you relate? ...more