When You're Vegan...What's for Dinner?

People are curious about vegans.  Since Oprah and Dr. Oz have endorsed the vegan lifestyle, suddenly people have begun to look at vegans as more than just tree-hugging hippie types.  Don't get me wrong; I am all about peace and love, and I've hugged my share of trees....more

Franz Liszt turns 200


Friday Night 500 Club

TGIF! Fridays rock.  There is a happy vibe in the air, as most everyone seems to be anticipating the weekend's onset.  For me, my smile begins as it always does, by thanking my Creator for waking me up healthy, pain-free, married to a saint and glad my 91-year-old mama is alive and kickin' it.  Kids are healthy and working their goals, same with the grandkids.  Got great jobs, great friends, great dogs...G-d is GREAT! ...more

Spenser Tells His Story


Man Cave

It's just Wednesday?  I thought it was Thursday.  Since I worked on Monday, my day off, I have been running ahead of schedule in my brain.  Oh well; I love Wednesdays.  Wednesday is EZ's dinner with the family, which includes mom, sons Evan (29) and Spenser (22), me, Bruce and his dad, Ralph.  Wednesday is also "Kid's Eat Free", so it is LOUD in there, but my long-suffering husband tolerates the noise pollution with little more than an occasional twitchy eye....more

Gilad Shalit comes home!!

After five long years in a Palestinian prison, Gilad Shalit was released and flew home to his family today!! I have had Gilad's photograph on my refrigerator gallery, along with other people I love and cherish,since he was first captured. Our family has prayed for his protection and release relentlessly. This is a day of miraculously answered prayers!!...more

Disco Fever

What ever happened to my Disco shoes that had little blinking lights in the heels?  I had to plug the dang things into the wall to recharge them at night.  Nan probably sold them at the Fort Sam Houston Thrift Shop where she worked as a volunteer for 30 plus years, along with my Beatle dolls that would have been worth a bundle. ...more

Sunday, Sunday...

Mama gave a final hug to her room mates, Caleb, Suri, Joshie, Molly and Simcha, and dashed off with BFF Betty and her quiet son, Greg, for their annual pilgrimage to Branson, Missouri.  Her favorite is the Lawrence Welk Show, but mom, "Nan", is happy as a clam with most anything musical.  The first born of the famous dancer/singer/actor James Waugh Russell,  Nan comes by her appreciation of entertainment naturally.  Although she is retired from her hula dancing and doesn't win anymore trophies for her jitterbug, she still does the Russ...more

Wedding Reception for Joe and Leslie

It was perfect weather for an outdoor event. Our handsome videographer nephew, Joe, married gorgeous Leslie recently and her parents hosted a delightful party to celebrate on the grounds of their lovely home.   Uncle Lloyd, me and Bruce, Evan, Spenser, mom, and my sis and mama of the groom, Mary Lou (I call her "Teta"), represented Joe's side of the family and we all had a grand time.  ...more