3 Vegan Eats in Hong Kong

Going back a few months, we finally got around to visiting Hong Kong for the first time. In April we spent a week in Hong Kong, staying in Mong Kok (旺角), Kowloon – one of the busier, more densely populated and more Chinese districts of the city. Streets here are largely packed full of locals but head over towards Nathan Road and regardless which direction you are heading, you suddenly have this sense of swimming upstream against waves of tourists ....more

Vegan Beer Flatbread

Let’s talk about that vegan beer flatbread I’ve been raving about lately and there are only five core ingredients to make it: bread flour, yeast, garlic powder, vegan beer and salt. We’ve used it to make perfect calzones (coming soon on the blog), wraps, and even crispy pizzas using a different cooking method. The recipe is adapted from The Beeroness’ Homemade Garlic Beer Pita Bread ....more

Cici: 5 Vegan Eats in Hanoi

Here on Vegan Miam, Cici is taking us to her hometown to share Five Vegan Eats in Hanoi, Vietnam! Cici was born and raised in Hanoi, Vietnam and has been vegan for two years. Having recently spent nearly five years studying in the UK, Cici is now back in Vietnam where she is focusing on vegan-related work whilst constantly striving to promote veganism in her homeland ....more

Caramelized Angelcots

It’s been a crazy week, we’ve hardly been back from Turin and we are right back in the grind of things. Along with settling back in and cooking up some meals in the comfort of my own kitchen, I have been busy helping a blogger friend migrate from Blogger to WordPress and I am relieved that we are near completion! So as summer flies right on by, I must share a special piece of summery produce from Frieda’s Inc that we had the pleasure of trying and since the season for these is June-July, you can look for them next summer! ...more

Creamy Basil & White Bean Hummus

Along with all the buzz of packing and prepping, we always find ourselves trying to thin out our fridge and pantry before we head out on another trip. In the days leading up to our departure to Turin we had a scattering of produce leftover from our visits to the Farmers’ Markets earlier in the week, but most of the produce had a purpose. Somehow though we ended up with an extra bunch of basil, without any clue what to use it for ....more

The Vegan 8: Mini Mocha Black Forest Cheesecakes

You might remember Brandi from The Vegan 8 because earlier this year she nominated me for The Writing Process Blog Tour where we got the opportunity to share a few tidbits about our blog writing process. Brandi is a committed vegan based in Texas where she enjoys making wholesome vegan recipes using just 8 ingredients or less (not including salt or water). Along with being a mother, a wife and an amazing food blogger, she is also an inspirational baker, recipe developer, photographer, painter and wonderful role model to her lovely daughter ....more

3 Vegan-Friendly Gelaterias in Turin

Gelato and Sorbet are everywhere in Italy and Turin is no exception. The Torinese are known for having a sweet tooth, so it should come as no surprise that we have tried some delightfully exquisite gelatos, sorbets and granitas during our summer in Turin. You must keep in mind that not all sorbets are vegan and most gelatos aren’t vegan because they contain dairy and/or egg ....more

Vegan Cream of Kohlrabi

Summer is nearly ending, but the Farmer’ Market is always packed with interesting ingredients especially in Northern Italy. So far in Oregon and Northern Italy we have discovered and tried slender Japanese shishito peppers, furry Lion’s Mane mushrooms, Pink Oyster mushrooms, vibrant zucchini flowers, sweet Italian frying peppers and bitter Treviso raddicchio. One of our favorite new ingredients has been kohlrabi, these pale green and deep violet bulbous stems with antennae-like leaves are high in Vitamin C and fiber ....more

FoodRecipesHQ: Vegan Hot & Spicy Tofu Curry

Our time here in Torino is nearly up, just one more week until we return to the U.S for a little bit and I can’t wait to share some our vegan Italian deliciousness on the blog. I’m going to miss Torino, it has been one of the most comfortable cities we’ve visited in Europe and up there with Valencia, Spain as one of our favorite destinations for an extended stay. The delicious simplicity of authentic Italian food is irresistible! ...more

Tarragon Potato Salad

When I spotted a wooden crate of fresh tarragon at the Farmer’s Market in Oregon, my eyes lit up and I had to quickly snatch some. It was one of the many beautiful local ingredients I worked with back in Paris a few months ago that I just don’t see all too often in Oregon. The deliciously anise-like aromatics and slender robust leaves enhance the flavors of classical French dishes, rounding out the flavors of oil and cream based sauces ....more