Just because it is that time of year again...!

Now that it is almost December and our bellies are stuffed with turkey and, well, stuffing, I thought it would be a good time to review the year and reflect....and, drumroll please...make resolutions. Yes, I know they are cliche, but I'd rather reflect on this year and look on ways to improve my life. How better to do that than by resolutions?This is going to be broken down into a small series, to be updated every week until January. I hope you enjoy, and please feel free to leave comments! xoxo ...more

Of all the crazy things...

Today I went to the doctor--again. I had to have my arm poked at--again. I have gotten used to it. I wake up and go to the doctor and don't even think about eating because any possible bloodwork they will want to perform is based off of fasting insulin. This is my tenth year of these types of tests. Why, you ask, do I have to go to the doctor so often? Well, you know that particular time of the month when you feel grouchy and mild to severely painful cramping in your lower abdomen? When you wish you could just curl up in your bed and eat chocolates and pizza all day?...more

Lips, Lives, and Revolution

There's nothing more glamorous than feeling that way, first and foremost. I feel especially glamorous when I can be trendy and chic by perfecting those beauty tricks for the latest craze that works for me and my life. One way I like to dazzle is through old vintage glam: bright lips and subtle eyes. I love dark reds and sizzling pinks and when wearing them, I feel as sexy as a pin-up. I belong in the "glamour world" when I wear my burgundy and cherry lips, as though this is an accomplishment set forth, achieved by age and the basic experience of growing up. ...more

Thank you so much for the comment! To be quite honest, I didn't even expect my post to turn ...more

New Beginnings

As the New Year excitement for resolutions is starting wane and die down a little, I have come up with an innovative new way for me to spend my time this year. It may come to some of you as a shock, but I rather enjoy writing research papers! As an experiment, and for a possible portfolio, I have come to the conclusion that I should start writing short research papers, but with a journalistic twist. This will broaden my intellectual horizons, as well as improve other aspects of my life. The topics will vary as my eclectic interests will fluctuate over the year; therefore, I will ...more

they are all good choices. im gonna pick e though