Love Thyself

No matter how hard one may try, it’s nearly impossible to ignore the absurdity of the Hallmark holiday that is Valentine’s Day.  I tried to find some deeper meaning behind February the 14th on Wikipedia, but alas, there is not much to it.  Love it or hate it, it’s not going anywhere, and the media and retail outlets are going to do their best to shove it down our throats.There’s nothing wrong with expressing our love to those we care about, but Valentine’s Day can really make you feel bad about yourself if you don’t have the right attitude about it.  First off, we don’t all need to be involved in relationships, and if we are, we shouldn’t be made to feel like we’re not loved enough if our significant other didn’t buy us ten pounds of chocolate, 20 carats worth of diamonds, a castle and a unicorn. As if the commercials and shopping malls weren’t bad enough, there’s always those people we know on social media who post a million pictures of the fancy dinner and giant teddy bear, and dozen roses that Mr. or Mrs. Right gave them, while they wax poetic about how perfect he/she is.  Honestly, good for them. It’s nice to see other people happy (if that’s the case, and not just a front for social media sake), but we don’t need to feel like less than a person if we’re not in the same boat.  So DON’T....more

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Natural Tips for Cleaning Stainless Steel

 Stainless steel is comprised of 90% steel and 10% chromium, which helps to protect the steel.  It’s an extremely durable material that does not corrode or rust, but despite its moniker, stainless steel can still become dirty with smudges, fingerprints and gunk that can stick to it.  Stainless steel appliances can give kitchens a sleeker and more modern look and feel, bu...more