Please Don't Be Offended: This Is How We Get Through Disasters in the South

I never suggested it is easy to be a Gulf Coast resident. And I never said that we forget after we forgive. This is an incredibly complicated time for all of us, emotionally and financially. This oil spill is dredging up emotional memories that many of us were unprepared to address.  BP has effectively changed our futures, the way we will parent our children, the lives we expected to live. ...more

Love! I ooey-gooey, sticky-faced, candy-in-the-morning-before-breakfast love this post, Megan. ...more

Raising Kids on the Heels of the MTV Reality Generation

My arms are covered in bruises from blown IVs.  My back hurts from too much time in bed.  My brain is slight mush from hours of dehydration and television. One by one, our family was taken down by Norovirus.  It wasn’t pretty.  My hands and forearms are red and swollen from bleach burns.  Don’t get Norovirus, kids. I have been a mom for five and a half years now and I’m still surprised when I discover that we don’t get sick days.  There should really be a stunt mom we can call in. But that’s the job.  No amount of “I’m sicker than all of you!” gets us out of it. As the bleach-filled days swirled around me, I spent a lot of time thinking about this parenting gig.  Right up until I was carted off to the hospital, I was amazed at my ability to hang onto just enough consciousness to take care of our two boys and baby girl. You just find the strength.  Regardless of circumstances, you do the job.  You train your focus on your children.  You don’t drop the ball. Or at least I don’t.  You don’t.  But some parents do. MTV reminded me of that during this fiasco. I ingested hours of MTV reality programming while I recovered.  Curiously, as VH1 seems to be moving into more dumbed-down territory, MTV is growing up.  It’s subtle, but it’s there. ...more