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Velvet Verbosity's Special Holiday Gift Guide - The Sweet Edition

Dear readers, I ask you, is there anything more delightful than the sweets of the holidays? My sweet tooth says, "No Way! Nothing more delightful!" It's not everyday that Velvet Verbosity shares her fab shopping secrets with the public. Come on over to Velvet Verbosity for the 2007 Gift Guide Sweet Edition. ...more

Where's My Red Carpet?

Hi - You know, several years ago I told myself I would NEVER go to an all women's college. Then I did. Then I told myself I would NOT join blogher. I just did. I guess that's all you need to know about me. I can't keep my word. I'm so brand new on here, I don't even know what the protocol is for commenting here. My blog is still a random mess, scratch that, a random INTERESTING mess. I came here to learn how to blog well. Let the learnin' begin! ...more