Dearest Mic... (a love note to my son)

December 18, 20127:15 a.m.Dearest Mic,...more


My female goddess awakened as Jim tickled me down there with an ostrich feather. I chewed my lips as he salaciously cocked his head to the side and rocked his groin upward. "Holy crap," I gasped, about to reach my eleventh orgasm of the day....more
@Sue O. You "want" my husband, huh?  On my breaks from editing CHICA PEEPS, the anthology ...more

Every Woman Needs a Roller Derby Alias…

My 20 year-old daughter recently tried out for the CT Roller Girls team.  While she didn't qualify, she will try again and what's more important, she and our family were introduced to the world of roller derby....more
@Peep Into My Life... I will check it out today! My Roller Derby story (so far) is here: ...more

Girls Can't Be What They Can't See (Will you help?)

Girls can't be what they can't see...Will you help?...more


My favorite Halloween story involves a guy who wasn't a relative, playmate or boyfriend. He was Serge Garabosky....more


The last twenty-four hours of my life illustrate why I think women are so amazing. What happened to me happens to women everywhere, every day, and each morning we wake up and do it all over again....more
Hi Sherry, I just got home from the Fair and read your comment.  Kids shot off over 208 ...more

My 20-year-old daughter has never heard of her...Was Helen Gurley Brown a feminist?

My 20-year-old daughter has never heard of her... I was 4 years-old when her book was published. Was Helen Gurley Brown a feminist? ...more
 @cathyg Welcome to my life!more

"Dungarees" and "Knockers"

 @cathyg Thanks, Cathy!  He also says "swimsuit" and "bathroom tissue"...more

The Gift of Life (Updated)

Our nineteen-year-old daughter, through no fault of her own, has gone through a very difficult four years. Last week she received the following email from my brother who yesterday celebrated the 21st anniversary of his liver transplant....more
Than you - she's an incredible young woman who has always lived her life with grace and ...more

What do you call a group of women friends?

What do you call a group of women friends?  Some might snicker and respond: Trouble, Dolls, Babes, Ladies, Gals?...more