Coming Out.

I think it's time that I out myself here at BlogHer.I am a Muslim. I support gay marriage.There, I said it. But why am I saying it now? Why today?Yesterday, Mayor Bloomberg of New York City asked our State Legislature to vote on the issue of marriage equality before the session ends next month. And no matter what his historical stance on this issue has been in the past, no matter who he is financially backing in the Senate, the point is this.It's time to get this done. Once and for all, it is time....more

The V2B Do Something Good Giveaway.

Did I ever tell you my life story? It's long and boring, and you might as well settle down and get comfortable because it's probably going to take all week long to tell it.What's that? You're not interested in my life story, you say? You're just here for the giveaway, you say?HOW RUDE.Well fine, then. If you insist. Jeepers, a girl can't even tell her life story anymore without people trying to shut her up. Pffffft......more

The Knowing And Not Knowing Of Things.

The girls and I went to a music class this morning. At the end of the class, we wandered amongst our friends and neighbors, mingling and meeting, smiling and laughing, crowded in the small but happy space. Toward the end of the room there was a table, spread with canned goods, boxes of pasta, and other non-perishable items.Inara, being the sort of observant little person who takes in all the details of a space, wandered over and wanted to know why there was a big table of food in the room. Obviously....more

Tragedy and Devastation.

I will never forget December 26th, 2004.Yousuf and I were recovering from holiday overload at his grandparents house. We had been married for just two years, and we were still in that getting-to-know-your-family stage of our relationship. I had no earthly idea that Christmas was such a huge deal with his family until that year, and as we sat on a couch in the basement we reminded ourselves that even though cramming that amount of people into that small of a space probably restricted our airflow to the point of delirium, the POINT of it all was to share in our love....more

The Questions My Readers Would Ask Me If I Were A Better Blog Host.

 First of all, I want to say a big fat huge THANK YOU to everyone who read and shared my last post.  I was shocked to discover just how far on the interwebs my little blog had spread and for that I am so grateful....more

You are a child of the universe, No less than the trees and the stars; You have a right to be here.

Tyler Clementi was quiet.  He was a bright young musician who attended Rutgers University.  He was outed as being gay on the internet, and days later he threw himself off of the George Washington Bridge.Tyler Clementi is gone.Tyler Clementi, and others like him, felt that their only - their ONLY - recourse following bullying was suicide.  I can't imagine how alone and afraid, how utterly devastated and abandoned he and countless other victims like him must have felt during their last days with us.How did we let this happen?...more

Today Is National Coffee Day. And Also? I'm Fairly Convinced that I Will Offend The Entire Coffee Industry With This Post.

Inara has been going through some big stuff during the week at school (nothing bad, she's just still adjusting to being away from us), and so I thought it would be fun for her and I to do something together, just the two of us, this past weekend.  There was a fantastic little Indie Craft Market (it was called Hearts and Crafts - neat name, huh?) running on Sunday, and I thought she'd like to check it out with me.  She only had one question: "Mama...will there be cookies there?  Because I really want a cook...more

Awww, shucks. Thanks for the kind words, Marianne!

Mahreen George - more

The Night Before EidHashanah

After my long self-indulgent post last week, I needed a break.  It's hard work being so self-revealing, peeps!  Anyway, since my days off coincided with the end of Ramadan, I decided to take a religious holiday and celebrate Eid.  For a week.  And then, since Eid also coincided with the Jewish New Year, I decided to honor my...more

Feelings, Nothing More Than Feelings...

Okay, so I tried to write this post yesterday but two little people had other plans for me, and Yousuf worked late, so it was all me all day and by the time I sat down at the computer all I wanted to do was use it as a pillow.  Which I didn't, because that's just weird and so I jotted down some stuff and went off to bed later than I should have but hey, it all worked out eventually so hooray and huzzah for me! ...more

School Daze

So here's how it is, friends.  Inara starts her first day of pre-kindergarten in THREE more days. THREE MORE DAYS.Gah.I am simultaneously so excited for my big girl, and also kind of freaking out. Mostly because I just want her to have a great experience in school each and every single day forever.I know.  Delusional much?...more