Some of the Basics on PC vs. Mac

You might be wondering what your next computer purchase should be. You might even be wondering if the information you are being given at the store is honest and accurate. So I'm here to help you when you are pondering whether or not to buy a PC or Mac. There are links throughout to help you with more information directly to the Apple website.Here are the main differences between the PC and Mac:...more
I service both Mac and PC's. Much of this article and in the comments below are Mac-Biased ...more

So you are about to buy a new phone/game system/tablet....

There are those who are always on the cutting edge of technology.  Those who buy an iPhone or Android phone as soon as it comes out.  Or perhaps you are into tablets and e-readers.  What happens when 6 months from now a bigger, better item comes out on the market?  What do you do with that gadget you spent a couple hundred dollars or more on?  Well you might Cragslist it, give it to a kid or attempt to sell it somehow.  ...more

Learning from Twitter

There's a saying, 'Every Day I Learn Something New'.  This seems to be a theme in my life, especially at work.  Since I work at an electronics store there is always something new to learn.  ...more

How I went internet free on my vacation...and it didn't cost me a thing

A few months ago when I sat down to plan my vacation to Florida the main things I was concerned about were the flights (being at times that worked for me and were not expensive), the hotel (to be safe and not far from where my friend lived), and saving money towards all the extra things ie. eating out and activities. Never once on my list of things to think about was anything to do with how many blog posts I'd miss out on reading right away, what Facebook status updates I'd be too busy to comment on, or what tweets I should send to let everyone know what I was up to....more

Gone Fishin'....For Goldfish


Wednesday night

Looking for a floor to crash on for Wednesday night? My hotel room is booked Thursday through Sunday but I thought I'd come up early and walk around downtown.  Email me at melisblu @ gmail. com ...more

The clothes I'm packing for BlogHer 09

I have prepared my list for Tim Gunn here and today I worked on packing my clothing and figured out the rest of what I would be taking.  Here is the other bit of those clothes I'm bringing.  Have you started packing yet?  I have my tickets printed for events, parties, BlogHer and the train.  I need to print out my Cozi schedule and my Springpad list of items not to forget. ...more

What I'm wearing to BlogHer 09

The other day I finally decided what the main pieces I'd be wearing at BlogHer 09 were and decided to blog about them with photos.  I also put in my entry to meet Tim Gunn at the conference.  Want to see what I'm wearing? Check it out on my blog here.   What are you wearing? Have you blogged about it? Let me see! ...more

Getting to know Mel: Pre Conference

Well I've already gotten my hotel sorted, ticket for the event and yesterday I worked on what clothing I'd be bringing along with me.  I've also got a Word document started with all the parties I've RSVP'd for, so I don't forget as well as a list of gadgets I'm bringing with me.  The only thing that's left is to figure out if I'm riding with my friend SAHM Ramblings or taking the train :)  I saw "Getting to know Shash" and thought I'd do that here, so here goes.   My name is Mel.  It's short for Melissa!   ...more

Great idea!more